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6 years ago

Introducing the Solutions Gallery in Targetprocess

When you open Targetprocess, we know that you have one goal: to be productive. We created Targetprocess in a way that allows you to quickly insert information about your work and make use of one or several views that are your tools for analyzing, prioritizing, planning, tracking, and just simply getting work done.

What we don’t know is who you are, what activities you need to perform, or what data you want to visualize and how. Different users have different needs. Although there is a solution in Targetprocess for most of your business requirements, it isn’t easy for us to guide you to these solutions; there is just so much you can do in Targetprocess 3.

This is why we are introducing the Solutions Gallery: a place where you can find different sets of views designed to support various types of processes and approaches to work. These sets of views can be added to Targetprocess - both in whole and in pieces - with a single click. For example, if you are a program lead or a senior manager then the Portfolio Solution will offer you a set of views that can help you to evaluate your project portfolio, prioritize, create project backlogs and roadmaps, etc. If you are a QA team lead, you’ll probably need a set of views for designing and managing your test plans - you can find this in the Test Management solution.

Whatever your role and needs are there is a solution which can make working in Targetprocess very fast and productive.

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What Solutions Are Available?

We’ve come up with these solutions for you:

  • Portfolio Management
  • People Allocation
  • Kanban
  • Scrum - One Team
  • Scrum - Many Teams
  • Test Management
  • Support
  • Marketing (coming soon)
  • Legacy v2 views

The solutions videos are available on our youtube portal.

New solutions are easily created and populated into the gallery; this means that this list is far from final. We will constantly update them as we learn more about how you work and as our system acquires additional features.

How It Works

All available solutions can be accessed in the Solution Gallery and you can add a specific view - or an entire solution’s set of views - to your Targetprocess account from there. For more information on how to browse the gallery and add solutions, check out this product guide article on how to browse and add solutions.

Where To Go From Here?

The Solutions Gallery is available for all the users, who use Targetprocess’ On-Demand service, no additional actions are required from your side to get the solutions gallery working. If you are using Targetprocess On-Site, you will need to install the Solutions Gallery from the mashups library.

Naturally, we are happy to receive your feedback and hear if these solutions have made your experience with Targetprocess better. Please send all your feedback on the Solutions Gallery either via the feedback form in the gallery itself or via email to

- Your Targetprocess Product Specialists Team

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