Is Code Generator + Stored Procedures worse than O/R Mapping? | Targetprocess - Visual management software
15 years ago

Is Code Generator + Stored Procedures worse than O/R Mapping?

Excellent post about O/R Mapping and stored procedures. Paul writes, that there are two good approaches for development:

  1. O/R Mapping
  2. Stored Procedures (SP) + Code Generator (CG)

I agree. Other ways are not so good and bring additional problems (sometimes serious). Just one point is discussable for me. Paul puts O/R mapping on the first place, but I don’t think that CG+SP definitely worse than O/R Mapping. I have very bright example in our company. We've used CodeSmith, and this tool really great. Sure, templates took time, and I can't insist that O/R Mapping will not solve the same problems faster next time. But, anyway, CG is a good alternative.

I personally prefer O/R Mapping. I have experience with NEO.NET and Tangram, and these tools are good and helpful. But there were some nasty problems with them, and (sadly) lack of documentation is very serious problem for many free open-source tools. It takes time to dig into source code and get the problem fixed. It takes time to understand system behavior, when it does not mach expectations. But these are problems of exact (free) tools, not an O/R Mapping in general.

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