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10 years ago

TargetProcess ‘Kanbanized’

We've released TargetProcess v.2.15 with basic Lean / Kanban support. It includes customizable Kanban Board and Cumulative Flow Diagram. It is just a first release to provide the most important functionality.

We at TargetProcess moved away from iterations to flow. As a result, most important features like iteration planning, burn down charts, daily progress, etc. became useless to us. This situation was quite strange. We were developing agile project management software, but it lacked functionality that we needed.

We've tried to find viable workarounds. For example, we've created endless release (to emulate Planned state) and endless iteration (to emulate In Progress state). It worked, but visualization was just not there, thus violating Kanban principle. Finally we decided to implement required functionality and did it in 1 month.

New Knaban Board is fantastic. It visualizes user stories and bugs flows nicely, highlights limits, shows priorities, etc.

Kanban Board

Kanban Board

Next v.2.16 release will include options to switch off Iterations (if you don't use them, they will not affect user interface), view release burn chart down by weeks, view other progress reports by release. And of course we are going to improve Kanban Board based on your feedback!

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