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10 years ago

New: Bug Pain Plugin – No Pains!

We've got an interesting new tool in TargetProcess 2.18.1 — the Bug Pain plugin. It emerged from our own "bug pains"  to empower decision making for QA team as they pull some bug to fix, with no Product Owner involved.

Disclaimer: QA Team are aware of the product development strategy, they just need some help with prioritizing bugs if the Product Owner is not available to talk.

The Bug Pain value in TargetProcess depends on "Severity, "Visibility" and "Class" values as below:

New: Bug Pain Plugin - No Pains! Image 1

"Severity" indicates bug severity per se. This could be some grave error that ruins the whole release or a small UX flaw. We've got the following "Severity" values:

5 - Much anger & crying - No workaround
4 – Anger & swearing - Difficult workaround
3 – Annoyance & frustration - Easy workaround
2 – Confused
1 – Laugh if notice

"Visibility" indicates how many users are likely to spot bug and how soon. E.g. it takes 10 steps to reproduce bug (random not straightforward steps), in a browser used by 1% of people -  or this is an error on Login Page for 100% users as they attempt to login.  Our Visibility values are:

1 - ~5%
2 - <50%
3 - >50%
4 - ~100%

"Class" shows relevance of bug in the context of product development strategy.  This value can differ for each particular company/project/product.  Speaking of TargetProcess, improving usability is paramount for us at the moment.  So, a bug with usability related Class will be more important than a bug found by Trial User.  Here're the Classes we've got:

1 – No customer, Security
2 – Free/Trial user, Cosmetic
3 – Paid Customer, Usability, Whoops

Bug Pain is calculated based on this formula:

[Bug Pain] = X * [Severity] + Y * [Visibility] + Z * [Class],

where X, Y, Z are specified in the plugin setup (8, 5 and 4 respectively).  These values have been identified experimentally based on common sense for a cloud of bugs and may vary for each particular company/project/product:

New: Bug Pain Plugin - No Pains! Image 2

Next, bugs can be filtered by Bug Pain value.  The most important and urgent bugs will be on top of the list and should be fixed first:

New: Bug Pain Plugin - No Pains! Image 3

This plug-in is a helpful tool for Product Owners and QA Teams as they prioritize bug fixes.

Bug Pain plug-in comes out-of-the box with TargetProcess now.

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