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9 months ago

New Feature: Workspaces – Beta Release

UPDATE: Private customers group for beta testing is closed. Any updates might be expected next year.

Workspaces. Most likely you have heard this term and each time it can have a different meaning depending on a context. What do you think about how workspaces can be used with Targetprocess? We think about an exciting new beta functionality that we are bringing to you.

Workspace is an independent Targetprocess instance that has its own processes, plugins, rules, users and other data. The beta version allows you to connect 2 or more completely independent accounts and manage user access to it.

In which cases it can be most useful for you? Current Use Cases:

Independent Departments and Team Separation of work

What it is: Let’s say you have two departments which don’t share any work and have completely different work processes, such as Development teams and Recruiting. To avoid creating confusion across terms, processes, project and team selectors, we have created separate accounts for each of those teams. Workspaces allows users to link both accounts and set up a list of users who need to have access to both of them.


Most likely Development Team Leads would need access to the Recruiting team’s account to process suggested candidates’ profiles and plan interviews. They can simply switch to it from the main account:

Workspaces Example

Sensitive data access limitation

What it is: Budgeting/Users salaries/Skills/Performance tracking. Just move all projects with sensitive data to dedicated workspace and share it with a limited set of users.

Start from scratch but keep the history

What it is: If you’ve decided to start using Targetprocess from scratch with a new set up but, don’t want to migrate all of your old outdated projects to a new account, you can connect them in one space and you always can find related information if needed.

As Workspaces manages different accounts, the URLs will differ as well. For example would be the URL for the Development space, and would be for the HR team.

We are sure there are more hidden use cases that would benefit from Workspaces, and would like to hear your feedback. Right now we are collecting your ideas to create a feature roadmap for the next Workspaces increments.


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