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11 years ago

New Help Desk Portal. Ideas and Issues.

Brief summary of this article:

We are thinking about Issues and Ideas separation. They are quite different and needs separate lists, views, etc. based on our analysis. People have different goals when working with ideas and issues, and this should be reflected in the dHelp Desk Portal design.

What is important for person who looks at idea? And what is important for person who looks at issue?

  • Discuss idea
  • Add attachments
  • When it will be implemented?
  • Is this idea important?
  • How can I vote for it?
  • Tag the idea
  • Discuss issue
  • Add attachments to the issue
  • When it will be resolved?
  • Do I need to provide more info?
  • Are there any ready solutions to my issue?

Here is what we have so far.

Issue View

Idea View

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