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11 years ago

New Help Desk Portal. Moving Forward.

Brief summary of this article:

Finally, I may share ideas/stories/requests that will be implemented in the new release of Help Desk Portal.

We have selected about 20 customers' requests and improvements (all are reasonable and most of them improve usability). Here is the list that includes the most interesting requests.

  • Search by ID
  • View Help Desk Request Number (#) in Requests Lists
  • Add a "Vote" mechanism to the request detail in the help desk.
  • Filter by Project/Product
  • Better Notifications (new comment added)
  • Improve Help Desk User experience (Tag Cloud)
  • Disable state change
  • Filter by Request state (open/closed)
  • Attach file when posting a request
  • User profile management
  • Customer should see all related user stories, features and bugs created from requests in one place
  • Sorts: by last-updated, by last-comment, by votes
  • Easy customization (promoted in the latest blog post)

As you may expect, we have own ideas as well:

  • Separate ideas and issues
  • Dashboard with recent requests, top requests, etc.
  • Solutions (a part of self-service)

Some mockups should help you to get the new Help Desk portal look and feel.

Help Desk Portal Dashboard

Dashboard is a first page for the new users and it should be crystal clear what can be done in Help Desk Portal. Also it includes latest ideas and request as well as top ideas.

Ideas List

Ideas list obviously shows ideas. It is possible to filter ideas by state ad by tags, sort ideas.

This is a work and progress and your comments are welcome!

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