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8 years ago

New Mashup: Group your Kanban boards’ Swimlanes

Our Kanban board is already pretty powerful.  Recently, we have added prioritization to the board and a number of Mashups that provide a basic implementation for Classes of Service and even visualization of Due Dates.  Now, we would like to introduce you to another Mashup for the Kanban board: the column grouper.

New Mashup: Group your Kanban boards Swimlanes

This Mashup allows you to group together various swimlanes on your board, and even have group WIP limits that apply to the grouped columns in aggregate.  For example, you can now have a WIP group called "Development" that contains all the swimlanes related to development, another for Testing, and another for your Release process.  Each of these swimlanes can have their own individual limits, and each of the swimlane groups can have an aggregate limit.

The Mashup is 100% customizable in terms of your group names, columns, and limits.  Check out the Mashup in our Mashups Library on GitHub for download links and more information.

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