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7 years ago

New Mashup: Visualize “Rotting” Cards on your Kanban Board

We're constantly working on improving our already powerful Kanban board.  Just a few months ago, we released a mashup that allowed you to group together your board's swimlanes.  Today we're back at it once again and we'd like to introduce you to the Kanban Card "Rotter":

New Mashup: Visualize Rotting Cards on your Kanban Board

The Kanban Card Rotter is an advanced mashup that allows you to visualize those cards that have been in progress for a long period of time and are now rotting on your Kanban board.  In the Mashup you can specify a time period after which cards will begin to "rot" and a time period after which the cards have reached critical mass and are figuratively "stinking up" your Kanban board.  Cards will begin to turn brown as they rot, and will become more and more brown as they reach this critical point.  This mashup provides an excellent way for you to visualize those lingering user stories, bugs, and tasks that have been in progress for a long period of time.

Like all of our other mashups, this one is also customizable.  The dates default to 14 days before cards rot and 21 days before they reach terminal mass, but these numbers are easily changed in the mashup.  Check out this mashup and the rest of our cool mashups in our GitHub Mashups Library.

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