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10 years ago

New Navigation in TargetProcess: It is Coming…

In two weeks we will release a completely new navigation in TargetProcess. It was designed to follow several rules:

  1. Flatness. It is completely flat. No hierarchies. Currently there are 3 hierarchy levels in TargetProcess, there will be just one soon.
  2. Customization. Every person will be able to configure the navigation. It may have just 2-3 tabs or 9-10 tabs. See what you need, no more.
  3. Simplicity. We had long process of designing it,
    prototyping it and testing it. There were usability tests in live sessions and they were very valuable.

Targetprocess Image

You may check interactive prototype (note that it is not full and final application, just a proof of concept prototype) and provide your feedback.

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