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11 years ago

NUnit and Selenium Integration in TargetProcess v.2.11

In the current iteration we are working on NUnit and Selenium integration. In fact it is almost completed. The integration implemented as a plugin. It is possible to configure profile for each project and in general the plugin is ready for continuous integration support.

The idea is very simple. CC server puts NUnit result file in some location, TargetProcess grabs it, parses it, creates new test plan run and sets passed/failed results for all test cases in this test plan. Thus you will have complete test cases run history without any manual actions.

The one potential problem is how to map Tests from NUnit or Selenium to Test Cases in TargetProcess. There will be several possible ways:

  1. Test cases may have the same names as tests. For example, TheOnePlusTwo in NUnit and The One Plus Two in TargetProcess.
  2. Tests may have test case ID as a part of the name. For example, TheOnePlusTwo_1876 test relates to test case with id 1876
  3. It is possible to use the regular expressions to define the test name pattern. For example, TheOnePlusTwoTest in NUnit and The One Plus Two in TargetProcess.

You may wonder why we integrated with NUnit. The main reason is that Selenium has a nice Remote Control test tool. You write tests on your favorite language, for example C#, and run the tests using NUnit. We were looking for Selenium integration and NUnit integration is just a nice side-effect 🙂

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