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11 years ago

Observation: Lists in Web Applications

I'm working on new lists in v.3.0 already and wondering how 37signals managed to create several web applications with no traditional lists. OK, there is one list that shows time records in Basecamp, but as far as I know there are no other such lists. All the other lists are very simple and well formatted. All 37signal's applications look simple, with fresh air and the first expression is very good.

Typical list in Basecamp:

The only traditional list I found in Basecamp:

Now I wonder why that happened. Maybe data volume in Basecamp is low? Maybe they are just super-smart folks (well, no doubt here)? Also I wonder whether it is possible to get rid of traditional lists in TargetProcess. Is it possible at all when people want to prioritize 300 user stories in the backlog (yes, we have such requests from customers!). Is it possible to get rid of usual lists when you receive dozens of support requests daily?

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