On-Demand Performance Problems: Status Update | Targetprocess - Visual management software
5 years ago

On-Demand Performance Problems: Status Update

This morning we experienced problems with one of our internal statistics tools. The fault was caused by a great number of queries sent from the client code that generated too many pending requests in the web-browser queue - therefore new connections could not be opened. Page refresh could help, but only for a short period of time.
Our DevOps Engineers responded to the problem immediately and performed unscheduled maintenance. This is why you could experience delays in page load. Our developers in their turn applied the necessary hotfix, so that the application will not generate extra queries any more.

For now the root cause of the problem has been fixed. We are currently setting up a new server for our internal tool, and we will perform the migration today. This is to make sure that similar problems won’t ever happen again.

Please accept our apologies. We understand how important it is for you to have Targetprocess up and running especially during your daily stand-up meetings.

Have a nice week!

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