Interactive mind map for meetings and retrospectives

4 years ago

Interactive mind map for meetings and retrospectives

We wrote some time ago about our initiatives for visualizing data and project information for smarter and more effective decision making. Today we would like to share an online Ishikava (fishbone) diagram:

This is a kind of mind map that can help you better understand a problem by visualizing its causes. It can be also used in retrospectives and work meetings where a group of people can analyze different aspects of a process or a situation for a multi-perspective view of the problem and a well-thought-out solution.

We have made it interactive so that it is possible to track a brainstorming flow as a structured text list on the left and immediately get a visual diagram on the right. Also you can drill-down to a particular aspect by double-clicking it if you want to explore an aspect of a precedent separately.

The concept of the diagram was developed by Kaoru Ishikawa in 1968 to show the causes of a specific event ( We were also inspired by the “Rule of 5 why” (, an iterative interrogative technique used to understand the root cause of the problem or a defect.

Any feedback is welcome!

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