9 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.11.8: Inline Edit for Checkboxes, ability to edit view menu size, bug fixing

Inline Edit for Checkbox Custom Fields

Checkbox Custom Fields are now available for inline editing on List views:

Possibility to edit views menu size

You can now change the width of the left menu using drag n' drop. Enlarge it to see long folder/view names, or make it smaller to save space.

Board redesign in iOS application

We've redesigned how work boards in our mobile iOS application. Lane headers will now stick to the top of board, and the new paging mode allows you to focus and swipe between columns. We'll be rolling out the new mobile board concept for Android users next. You can read more at this dedicated blogpost.

Minor improvements

  • CKEditor: the native menu with its spell check and searching functions is available with a simple right click. The CKEditor’s context menu can be accessed using Ctrl/CMD + right click.

Fixed Bugs

  • GIT plugin will no longer die from having many profiles and users
  • It is now possible to update allocations from inner views via the Edit action in the context menu
  • Time Custom Fields will now be displayed at the '+' button in the Time tab
  • Time records list: Custom Fields will now have columns
  • A 'Success!' message will now show after creating a Test Plan from the 'Tests' tab
  • When creating an entity using "+Add" button all existing required fields instead of regarding to selected process are displayed on popup
  • Image size will no longer be truncated in comments
  • It is now possible to use the Custom Fields of parent entities in Calculated Custom Fields
  • Fixed a case where administrators could not select a Team in the Projects and Team Selector if they were not a member of the Team and the Team was not assigned to any public Project
  • Fixed an issue where the browser header wouldn't show the current view
  • Owner Filter Autofill will no longer show Role as a suggestion
  • New inner lists: 'Entities per page' settings will no longer be lost when opening an entity from the list
  • Relations, Tests, and Lists will no longer be absent in Print view
  • Improved performance while editing Team Workflows
9 months ago

Targetprocess for iOS | Release 4.0: Board redesign

Over the past few months, we've been busy gathering and analyzing your feedback on our new board beta. We're now excited to share that we'll be getting rid of the old board, and we're ready to introduce you to the redesigned one!

We've already written about the lane headers that stick to the top of boards, and the new paging mode that allows you to focus on a column and swipe between different columns. In this release (version v.4.0), you will find the most wanted features that were missing in the board beta:

Drag and drop cards

Card movement is now smoother and more stable. You can also change card priority if prioritization is set to 'ON' in board settings. Please note that you cannot change prioritization settings from our mobile apps; the setting is available from the web interface only.

Quick Add cards

The '+' button now has its own reserved space at the top of card lists. Therefore, the annoying blinking of the '+' button will not bother you anymore.

Hide Empty Lanes

You no longer need to collapse empty lanes one by one—just switch on the new 'Hide Empty Lanes' options under 'View Setup'.

If you have anything you want to share with us, use the Feedback form in the app's 'Me' tab, or shoot us a message at

Click here to download the iOS app.

9 months ago

Targetprocess UX Community in Slack

We are starting a Targetprocess UX Community in Slack. The main goals are to have a real-time communication channel with customers, share our solutions to problems, and get feedback.

We want to set up a place where customers can freely share and discuss major pain points with each other and shape the future direction of Targetprocess.

What we will do in the Targetprocess UX Community:

  1. Share concept solutions, sketches, prototypes, and ask for your feedback.
  2. Post quick news and updates about our progress in various areas.
  3. Find people to participate in usability testing of new features and solutions.
  4. Discuss problems and find solutions with your help.

Join the Targetprocess UX Community at Share your pains, give feedback, and shape Targetprocess.

10 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.11.7: Capacity calculation and bug fixes

Capacity calculation

From now on, you can calculate capacity for each user while planning Releases, Iterations, and Team Iterations. This will allow you to see if a user is overloaded with tasks, or if they can take on more work in this iteration.


Available capacity will be summarized across one or many projects based on:

  • Work days in a “work container” (Release/Iterations/Team Iteration)
  • Weekly available hours by user
  • User allocations, if there are any

Capacity can be calculated for User Stories, Bugs, Tasks and Test Plan Runs. It also works for Initial Estimates for Features and Epics if there are no child entities. In other cases, they will be estimated by the sum of child entities’ effort.

For more details and use cases, please check the dedicated blogpost here.

Minor improvements

  • In inner lists on entity details views, completed entities are now shown at the bottom, allowing you to quickly navigate between active work items.
  • When using the Test Plans/Test Cases Quick Add form from the Tests tab, the Test Case option is now placed first and selected by default.
  • Added support for the Visual Studio 2017 add-on.

Fixed Bugs

  • Projects Work Hierarchy tab is not displayed when Epics/Features Practice is turned off
  • 'No details' at the History tab is no longer displayed if there is no info about an update
  • History: Fixed the Custom Field value display
  • Can't create a Bug for a frozen Test Case Run when the original Test Case has had some of its original steps removed
  • "Add and open” doesn’t work when using Quick Add to create a Bug from a Test Case Run view
  • Closing an image that was opened from the entity popup in an inner list will no longer close the whole entity
  • User can't delete himself from a Team (with edit team permissions) and can't create a Team Allocation (with edit project permissions)
  • Removed team synchronization for User Stories and Tasks when multiple Teams are assigned
  • TestRunImport plugin: NUnit integration issue
  • Burn down chart keeps loading instead of showing the required error message
  • Requester: in the info panel it looks like, it's possible to change the source for requester, but it's not
  • Can't edit inside the Text widget in Safari with the WYSIWYG text editor type