1 month ago

Targetprocess v.3.12.6: ‘Move to Top’ action, Entity types as lanes, and bug fixes

Move to Top

We're aware that it's not always easy to quickly prioritize cards, especially if you have a large Backlog or are in a List view with dozens of pages. Thanks to your feedback and discussions in our Slack community, we've introduced a 'Move to Top' action, which will be available for cards ordered by Rank. Please note that on List views, this action will reprioritize cards into the first position of the first page in the List:

Entity types as lanes

It might happen that you have several different entity types displayed on the same board together. When working with a lot of cards, the visual indicators for cards' particular types can feel quite subtle. To this end, we've added the option to sort cards into lanes based on their Entity Type. Here's how a Board view looks with the new distribution:


Minor improvements

  • Entity name and ID# have been reversed in the browser tab caption
  • Private views can be removed without confirmation from the left menu
  • Redesigned avatars on the user details page

Fixed Bugs:

  • REST API: Added missing 'format=json' property to the 'Next' link of inner collections
  • Users will no longer occasionally be redirected to a random view when opening Targetprocess
  • Cards will no longer duplicate on boards because of live updates
  • Mentions: Users will no longer sometimes be stricken out when a new comment is added
  • Lists: filter by entity type in finder now works again
  • The batch updates button will no longer appear when you scroll vertically on a Mac
  • Fixed a case where Lists with a definite configuration wouldn't load after clicking 'Expand all'
  • Existing tags will no longer show up in recent tags
  • Fixed a case where you whould be able to save a View name containing less symbols than the menu width allows to show on View Setup
  • Removed some extra space between icons and labels in mentions
  • Cursor will no longer point to one side when resizing cards on Timelines on a Mac
  • Comments will now be preserved if an error occurs while entering them
  • Fixed checkbox alignment on entity views
  • 'Lanes have been updated' message will no longer appear
  • Fixed a case where you would be unable to create entities via API call in a final workflow state with the custom 'EndDate'
  • 'Show more' button will no longer break after prioritizing cards
  • Fixed assignment issues for IE11
2 months ago

Targetprocess for iOS | Release 4.3: Comments hierarchy, video attachments, search improvements

Hierarchy for comments

Do you prefer communicating with your teammates directly in work items? We're glad to announce our improved comments view for your iOS devices! From now on, discussions will be structured in a 2-level hierarchy, making it much easier to follow the conversation. All replies to a comment will be placed in the replies section under the initial comment. Tapping the "Show/Hide replies" link will expand/collapse the replies section.

To reply to a comment, just hold your finger down on it and choose the "Reply to" option.

Video attachments

It's now possible to attach videos from your device's library. You can select video files of up to 100 MB, and add them to any work item.

Search: Found in Description, Comment, Custom Field

We are continuing to improve the Search tab to make it even more helpful. We've added the captions "Found in Description/Comment/Custom Field" to Search results. These captions indicate where the text in the search query was found.

Found In caption

If you have anything you want to share with us, use the Feedback form in the app's "Me" tab, or shoot us a message at

Click here to download the iOS app.

2 months ago

Visual Reports: editable colors, improved autocomplete and dashboard reports

Customizable legend colors

We're pleased to announce the possibility to assign custom colors for your categories with only a few clicks. Just drag the desired field to the color tab, and make your selection.


Autocomplete for chart calculations

We've improved autocomplete for calculations, and added visible explanations to note what's incorrect about invalid calculations. Please note, this is not implemented for Targetprocess formulas.


Usability improvements for reports inside dashboards

Dashboard Reports can now be opened in a popup, rather than opening them in a new browser tab. You can browse source data, update reports, and export data right from the popup.


We really appreciate your feedback on our Visual Reports Editor. What do you like about it? What could be improved? Let us know what you think at

2 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.12.5: Relations on views, inline edits for Test Case Runs, other improvements

More sorting options in View Setup

We've added several more useful fields for sorting in View Setup: State, Last Commented Date, Modified Date, Progress, ID, parent entity (Epic for Features, User Story for Task, etc.).


Recent assignments improvements

We've made some improvements to the Assignments section:

  • The 'Assign to Me' button has been removed. 'Me' is shown first instead
  • User searches in the Assignments section will now also show a 'Recent' group (in addition to the standard Role groups)
  • The number of recent assignments has been increased from 3 to 5
  • Recent assignments will now work across all browsers and devices


Inline editing for Test Case Run results

When executing a Test Plan Run, you'll no longer need to open every Test Case Run to set its Run Result. This field can now be conveniently edited from the Test Runs tab of a Test Plan Run entity.


Relations on Boards, Lists and Timelines

To help you with planning, we've made it possible to show dependencies directly on views. This functionality is similar to our Show Relations mashup, but also includes support for inline editing on Lists, drag-n-drop, and (most importantly) Timelines. The new solution is available out of the box; there’s no need to install or configure anything extra, beyond updating to this release for On-Demand accounts. On-Premise customers should perform this quick update procedure

For our next step, we're considering making it possible to draw new relations right on the view. Please, upvote the corresponding idea if you think it would be useful.  


Visual Reports: new Chart Data tab and Clone option in Actions list

We've added one more tab to the Browse Data pop-up: a Chart Data tab. Here you can find aggregated data from your configured chart. It can be selected from either the Actions menu → Browse data, or by clicking the 'Browse and Filter' button in the report editor.
There's one more piece of good news: We've moved the 'Clone report' option to the Actions list. Cloning a report in previous versions was admittedly a bit clumsy. You had to initiate creation of a new report, go to the Existing reports tab, and find the necessary report there. Now you can just open a report from the left menu and select the 'Clone report' option in the Actions menu. image-2-1
You can find more details about these new report features here.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Search would will no longer sometimes fail when the search includes a long number
  • Searching for converted entities by their old ID temporarily stopped working — it's fixed now
  • Cards will no longer drop to the last position after being modified on a one-by-one view sorted by any property other than Rank
  • Prioritizing cards with drag-n-drop will no longer fail if items are sorted by Rank in descending order
  • Filtering for Projects by Programs will no longer break on Boards/Lists with Outbound Relations as cards
  • Fixed a case where users would redirected to another view without an alert when trying to open a view without proper permissions
  • Avatars of mentioned people will no longer be shown at the bottom when clicking 'View Full Size' for an image
  • Replaced the tooltip for the Effort unit in Lists with a more suitable one
  • Made it possible to finish an Iteration using Split when an incomplete entity has a deleted user assigned
  • When a Feature is moved to another Project, its Bugs will be moved as well
  • Our live updates connection icon will no longer cause high CPU usage in Chrome
  • Visual Reports' Export and Print actions were temporarily inaccessible for users who were neither an admin, nor a report owner
  • A Visual Report in Setup mode can now be moved to a Folder without a refresh
  • Visual Reports: fixed incorrect encoding for exported to CSV Chart data when file is opened in Excel
  • Visual Reports: fixed a missing time stamp for dates when data is exported to CSV
  • Visual Report: fixed missing zero values on the Source Data tab