13 years ago

Hiring and Startup

Extremely useful article about nature of startups and hiring. Why big companies buy startups? Where are the benefits? Paul Graham thinks that this is one of the best way to do hiring and inject a fresh blood into the company.

"The central problem in big companies, and the main reason they're so much less productive than small companies, is the difficulty of valuing each person's work. Buying larval startups solves that problem for them: the acquirer doesn't pay till the developers have proven themselves."

"Buying startups also solves another problem afflicting big companies: they can't do product development. Big companies are good at extracting the value from existing products, but bad at creating new ones."

13 years ago

Funny Phrase Book of Programmer-speak

Great and funny stuff 🙂 Yes, sometimes this is true from Project Manager's side:

“It’ll be done ASAP.”
Translation: There is no schedule yet.

“That feature shouldn’t add any time to the schedule.”
Translation: There is no schedule yet.

“It’s Alpha ready.”
Translation: A lot of code has been written; none tested.

“It’s Beta ready.”
Translation: It’s Alpha ready.”


13 years ago

Adopting XP planning to Game Development

In Game Development Team we have several unique specialists who can not do job of each other: Artists can't programm, Programmers don't know how to create 3D models, Level Designers can't do both of previous (will call them subteams). When planing, XP says: "Write user stories, asign them into iterrations according there business value limiting by team velocity." The problem is that it's not clear how to plan stories in particular iteration, because we need to balance job between different subteams.

To solve this problem, as I see, it is required to consider personal speed of every subteam when planning or separate project into several subprojects.