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Targetprocess 3.7.8: Custom Graphical Reports Improvements

Custom Graphical Reports Improvements - Parallel Data

Starting from v.3.7.8 you can add several data plots to the same axis and see them at the same time.

For example, you want see the average, minimum and maximum Cycle Time trends for your user stories, grouped by Team

parallel report settings

result parallel report

Fixed Bugs

  • Top settings menu: "Report Issue" renamed to "Email Support"
  • Fixed top Project/Team selector to show programs with 0 dependent projects
  • Fixed problem with board setup not opening after refreshing the page
  • Fixed quick add popup auto closing in the list view
  • Fixed error when adding a test case in a No User Story cell on a board with user stories as lanes and test cases as cards
  • Burn Down Charts fixed to show independent Features and Epics effort
  • Fixed descriptions with CK editor to work in Internet Explorer 10
  • Fixed left menu to preserve group expansion state on a page reload
  • Fixed corrupted emoji in descriptions and comments
  • Fixed SSO settings edit
  • Fixed quick add on double click in a lane
  • Fixed plugin profile deletion
  • Fixed unable to plan Projects from the Timeline view
  • Fixed error on a try to add quickly an entity with a 'No team' on a Board with Team/Team State axes
  • Fixed XS card zoom level on a Timeline to show unit title for allocations
2 years ago

Agile Software Development Process: 90 Months of Evolution

Three years ago I wrote an article that describes the changes in our Agile software development processes from 2008 to 2012. Three more years have passed by and our processes were not set in stone. Here I want to provide you with 90 months of changes in our product development practices, company culture, structure and engineering practices. Hope you will find it interesting and learn from our mistakes.

Read the article: Agile Software Development Process: 90 Months of Evolution

Teams structure evolution

2 years ago

Targetprocess 3.7.7: Merge Duplicate Bugs or Requests

Important Notice for On-Site Customers: mashup store change

If you added your mashups using the Mashup Manager inside TP, you shouldn't notice any differences. However, if some mashups had been put directly to the JavascriptMashupsfolder, the administrator will have to manually move all such mashups to the JavascriptMashupsCommon folder.

Read more

Merge Duplicate Bugs or Requests

In v.3.7.2 we introduced a new Relations type called ‘Duplicate’. When on an entity view and you select any other entity to be added as a duplicate, it appears in the Outbound Relations section.

Starting with v.3.7.7 you can now merge duplicate Requests or Bugs. You’ll notice a ‘Duplicate' list on the view, directly below the entity state. When you click the ‘Merge’ button a few things happen. First, attachments from any duplicates that are not in the final state are added to the primary entity and then any descriptions and comments will be copied as a comment tree to the primary entity. Finally, all the duplicates will then be moved to their final state, be tagged 'merged' and a comment with a link to a primary entity will be added. If you merge Requests, then all unique requester names will be added to a primary entity.


Import Assigned Team

Now if you use CSV import for adding new or updating existing Targetprocess entities then assigned Team is taken into account. It means you may do a batch update of a Team for a set of entities.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed: Comet update event (if out-of-proc) refers to a Comet server instead of  a TP application server
  • Fixed: Time records absent if a Role is not set for at least one time record
  • Fixed: unable to add a new tab to the Requester view
  • Fixed: top quick add context is not updated if current context is changed from the top team/project selector
  • Fixed comet exception "Only ITestRunItemDto instances are allowed here"
  • Fixed: invalid slice definition exception if visual encoding rule is applied and all cards are deselected in board settings
  • Fixed: The Visual Encoding tab for View Setup is broken in IE10

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