2 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.8.4: Requests as lanes, minor bug fixing

Requests as lanes on view

Here at Targetprocess, we manage our requests via relations, and we bind defects or user stories to customer requests as Outbound Relations. In v.3.8.4, we've introduced the ability to select Request entity type as a lane on a Relations Board. For example, you can now set up a list of open requests whose dependencies are completed by using Request as a lane, filtering by lane using '?OutboundRelations.Where(Outbound.EntityState.IsFinal is True) and EntityState.IsFinal is False' and selecting Outbound Relations as the view's cards.

From this list, it's easy to understand which requests have been fixed. You can also notify requesters directly about the release version which contains the fix.


 Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed failure to search for project IDs on lists of projects
  • Fixed problem with the possibility to share views/folders with members of any projects/teams (even if user doesn't have access to them)
  • Fixed incorrect selection of the first item in the list of relation popup after selecting any item
  • Fixed issue with an inability to select all projects/teams in the access popup by checking All projects/teams checkbox
  • Fixed problems with styles in a finish iteration view when it is opened in a separate tab
  • Fixed issue with the possibility to allocate an inactive user to a project
  • Fixed the incorrect display of some currencies in follow notifications
  • Fixed extremely high CPU usage when try to open Burn Down for a release with a large number of entities
2 years ago

Targetprocess is now localized for 6 different languages

Salut! Hallo! ¡Hola! Olá! Hello! Всем привет!

We’re excited to announce that Targetprocess will now include localization for our most requested languages. You can now use Targetprocess in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (the Brazilian variety), and Russian.

This feature has taken some time to implement because we had to go through our entire source code to remove hard-coded strings and substitute them with a reference to the files containing translations. This important one-time activity is complete, so future languages will be easy to add.

Translations for the 5 new languages have been provided by native speakers via We use Transifex, a localization platform, to implement the translated text. We want to thank these two great services for making the process a breeze.  

To implement localization for your Targetprocess account:

Go to “My Profile” (by clicking on your portrait in the upper right hand corner), then select the “Account Settings” tab and adjust your language accordingly.  Click “Update Settings” to finalize the change.

Go to your profile….

localization step 1

....and select your preferred language in Account Settings

localization step 2

Don’t forget to click “Update Settings” to apply the translation!

Some important things to keep in mind:

  • Localization is applied per user, so you can now have an international team that uses Targetprocess in several languages
  • We still only provide product support in English and Russian
  • New features will be localized as they are implemented, but the translation may come slightly later than the feature
  • We implement languages according to user demand. If immediate implementation of a certain language is critical for your team but not widely requested, then there may be a translation fee
  • To request a new language, contact your product specialist or our sales team
  • New translations will take approximately 3-4 weeks to implement

A list of items that will not be translated with localization:

  • Our user guide
  • The administrator’s user interface
  • Custom fields and custom terminology (although we provide translation for  default terms)
  • The Solution Gallery
  • Targetprocess videos
  • Email templates (things like email notifications for tasks)
  • Mashups
  • Date and time formats

If you have any questions or comments about localization, please drop us a line!  We eagerly welcome your feedback on any mistakes, typos, incorrect translations, or suggestions for better translations.  You can reach us at

For feedback on specific items, please specify the existing translation, your suggestion, the place where this string appears, and (if possible) a screenshot of the message. This will help us to correct the error faster.  Please note that the messages may be complex (dynamically composed of several parts) so your correction may not always be applicable.

Have a good day everyone! Bonne journée! ¡Tenga un buen día! Xорошего дня!  Tenha um bom dia! Schönen tag noch!

Notitia linguarum est prima porta sapientiae.
Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.
- Roger Bacon

tower of babel

The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1563)


2 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.8.3: Sorting Order for Comments, Term for Request, New Languages, Workflow Management for Functional Teams

The Order of Comments on Cards

You can now specify the order in which you would like to see comments on cards. From the card description, choose to display either the oldest or newest comments on top. It's a per-user setting, so everyone will be able to set up their own preferred order for following comments.

3.8.3 pic1

Custom Term for Request

From now on, it is possible to rename 'Request' with our Terms editor in the same way as other entities. For example, you can rename 'Request' to 'Requirement' and collect requirements that come from your clients throughout the project.

3.8.3 pic4

New Languages added to Targetprocess: French, Spanish, Portuguese (the Brazilian variety)

Targetprocess can now be used in 6 different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (the Brazilian variety) and Russian. Translations in all these languages have been completed. English still remains the main language of the system, and the administrator's user interface is not supposed to be translated for now. Every user can switch to one of the new languages via My profile - Account Settings. Read more

3.8.3 pic3

Workflow Management for Functional Teams publicly available

We have finished the Beta testing of our new feature and are proud to announce that Workflow Management for Functional Teams is now publicly available. The new functionality will be useful for companies who have teams working sequentially. Accounting, Marketing, Designers and Development are examples of such teams; they are often called functional teams. From now on, several teams can work on the same item – e.g. a feature or a user story – one after another. So, the final state of an item in the workflow of one team is its first state in the workflow for another team. Read more



Minor Features:

  • Filtering by entity-specific fields when several card types are selected at the same time

 Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed export failure when last commented user name is not specified
  • Fixed saved context override by global context
  • Fixed failure with renaming tags if they have a long name
  • Fixed issues with import for Bugzilla plugin
  • Fixed problem with allowing prioritization in lists with the configuration when prioritization should not be allowed
  • Fixed sorting in lists for some units when more than one card type is selected on setup
  • Fixed problem with filtering projects by anticipated end date
  • Fixed problem with the possibility to create allocations beyond the project end date
  • Fixed incorrect handling of unsupported expressions in visual filters
  • Fixed filtering users by custom fields using api/v1
2 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.8.2: Custom Fields for Programs, Allocations in a Project View

Minor Improvements

 Custom Fields for Programs

You can now organize your project portfolio by categories. You might have your working Projects grouped into Programs. Now, by means of custom fields for Programs, you can categorize them by type, value driver or prioritization criteria. For example, we have several programs with multiple projects and our Programs are categorized by business direction: Finance, R&D, Finance, etc.

portfolio program CFs

Allocations improved

  • Allocations tab added to a Project view

projects allocations

  • Anticipated Date info displays on mouse hover over the Name along with the all allocation line
  • Anticipated/Forecasted End Dates added on a Project view

Custom Business Rule: when a User Story is assigned to a Team all its tasks and bugs are assigned as well

custom rule assign tasks and bugs


Fixed bugs

  • Web Hooks can  access custom fields by name
  • Fixed: sorting axes by custom fields in a List view
  • Fixed: color coding for bugs and tasks on a Flow Tab
  • Fixed: copy default values of custom fields if Process is cloned, calculated custom fields cloning fixed.
  • Fixed: 'show more' in a Backlog column, filtering by 'Backlog', i.e. ?TeamIteration is ‘Backlog’
  • Disable ability to change Project field for Tasks
  • Fixed: display of a 'Money' custom field in Follow email notifications.
  • Fixed: redirect to a v.3 if logging is performed from the Targetprocess website
  • Fixed: Null Reference exception if required NumericPriority field is not set
  • Fixed: alignment of programs and project names in a Project/Team selector
  • Fixed: "UserStory should be specified" error on a try to add a Task to a User Story - Effort cell
  • Fixed: lookup filters layout for the case when no entities are available
  • Fixed: sorting order for Roles to work by name not by ID in all selectors
  • Fixed: 'Invalid slice definition' exception when a board with deleted project context is open
  • Fixed: ability to change a Project for a Bug that is created during Test Plan Run execution
  • Fixed: 4-digit numbers display in a 'Time Spent' custom unit
  • Fixed: performance of a List view with calculated custom fields
  • Fixed: export of Test Step with a multiline description
  • Fixed: performance of a quick add [+] from an entity view