2 years ago

Vizydrop | Our Free Data Visualization Software Released

Vizydrop is a data visualization platform. We created Vizydrop with a goal of building a simple and natural data visualization tool. Vizydrop aggregates data from various software apps into a single dashboard, automatically builds visualizations for you and helps to create custom charts.

Vizydrop helps to get insights from the very first step. The application provides an easy to use interface to extract your data from applications that you are using or from storage where your data is located. Custom data source connectors can be added using any programming language with a simple API. We keep your data up to date with automatic updates.

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Vizydrop automatically creates chart suggestions from your data in order to minimize the effort spent on finding insights. Statistical and machine learning algorithms are used to build the most suitable visualisations for trends and correlations discovery.


The suggestions functionality gives you an opportunity to explore your data visually from different angles. A selected suggestion can be edited and tuned up using simple, but powerful editor.


Your saved charts can be shared with colleagues, friends and the whole world like this one. Charts can also be exported to an image and printed.

Go and get visual with Vizydrop. We appreciate your feedback and happy to answer questions you have.

2 years ago

Xmas backstage

Hello friends,

The holidays are over and we are glad to see you again. Last year we prepared the special greetings for you. Our team congratulated everyone who dared to press play on the popup personally in the live mode. We didn't have a chance to greet everyone of you, so we prepared a small gift for those of you who missed our greetings. Check our video with funny moments to give you the spirit of these magical greetings.


Have a magical year, full of joy and happiness.

Your Targetprocess team


2 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.8.0: People Allocations Management, Custom Fields for Team

People Allocations Management

The people allocation management feature provides the possibility to plan people allocations on projects, taking into account their current and planned allocations to see if any conflicts might happen. It allows the user to specify what people - teams and individuals - are required for a project, how long they will be needed and what % of their total working hours they can be available.  By using this information you are able to visualize and manage possible over-or under allocations for individuals or teams. Read more about it here.


Please note that all the Project Allocations will be converted to User Allocations with version 3.8.0 and the views, which contain Project Allocations entities as cards, should be replaced with new views containing user allocations and team allocations as cards. More details about data migration is available here.

Custom Fields for Teams

Before this release all custom fields were part of some specific Process. Since a Team does not depend on a particular process, it wasn't possible to create custom fields for them.  Starting with v.3.8.0 we've added the possibility to create custom fields for Teams with no reference to Process!
Administrators can add them by going to the Settings Gear > Settings > Custom Fields.  This is a new page that shows all the custom fields, across all processes, that have been created in your Targetprocess instance. You can sort and filter this list by Entity Type, Field Type or Process.  Then use the fields on your views.   As an example, a location for teams:



Fixed Bugs and Minor Features

  • Performance Improvements: Lite context and partial comet updates
  • Add a warning on report update from the Designer tab added if it was set up with DSL
  • Progress of a completed entity remains 0%
  • Related entity (UserStory) is skipped when filtering (by UserStory.Tags) and the field of the entity (Tags) is used instead
  • TFS Plugin: Fixed out of memory exception
  • Link for password reset won't be sent if a deleted user with the same e-mail exists in database
  • Custom business rule 'Assign a Task to the Person who started it' works only for the state that goes right after Initial or Planned
  • Non-admins can change their project roles without permission to roles that has 'add/edit project' option ON
  • List view fails if it's configured to show different card types and only of them has been customized with a TP Entity Custom Field unit
  • Aggregations "InboundAssignables.Max(TeamIteration.StartDate)", "InboundAssignables.Max(StartDate)" should work correctly now
  • Bugzilla v.5.0 integration supported