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Visual Reports: Ideal lines, forecasts in burn ups and burn downs

We've added ideal lines and forecast lines for burn up and burn down charts. These lines will be automatically added for new reports created from templates. To add them to existing reports, select the lines you need in the trendline section of the report editor.


Note: Checkboxes for custom chart calculations will not appear. You can use special calculations for annotations.

  1. Ideal Line: IDEAL_LINE(FIRST([Completed Count]), LAST([Total Count]))
  2. Forecast Line: FORECAST_LINE([Completed Count], LAST([Total Count]))
  3. Total Scope: LAST([Total Count])

We really appreciate your feedback on our Visual Reports Editor. What do you like about it? What could be improved? Let us know what you think at

3 months ago

Meet the Team: Sergey Gnedin

As a relatively small company, one of our greatest assets is the personal relationship we can cultivate with users. We know many of you by name (don’t panic), we get to read every single piece of feedback you send, and a few of us have even had the chance to visit your offices and see how you work.

To reciprocate this, we’d like to shine a light onto who we are by occasionally sharing team retrospectives, process investigations, and personal interviews. Many of you have probably already chatted with our first victim candidate: Sergey Gnedin, head of support.

Targetprocess Support: Behind the curtains

Hello there!
Hi, Sergey. When did you get started at Targetprocess?
About seven years ago, I was working in QA at an enterprise company. At the time, Targetprocess was just getting started, and they needed someone in support with a technical background, who could reproduce bugs and work on more complex issues. After all, they were providing support for people with QA experience. I had no idea who they were until this dude contacted me about the job. I visited in 2010 and was really impressed. It was a small team, everyone was nice, everything was informal, and decisions were made quickly. I liked the setting, so I quit my enterprise job and came here.
What do you do at Targetprocess?
Well, I’m the head of Customer Support, so most of the time I’m talking to users. We don't have any tiers or levels of support, so you can usually find me in our live chat answering questions and helping out (or making things even more confusing).
Historically, I’m the only official ‘manager’ in the company, because we technically don’t have managers, but I signed on before this trend got started. Our support team works well and no one’s asked for change, so no need to fix what’s not broken. Everyone does a great job, so there’s no need to micromanage or control anything.
We’ve always had some form of strategic board to help steer the company and decide where to go with our products. We value the feedback and opinion of our customers, so I’ve always been a member of these groups as a representative for the users — who I talk to every day.
I was also the Product Owner for our Service Desk for some time, but stepped back from this role a while after its release. I gathered requirements, talked to customers, let them know what we were doing and how we were doing it. Sometimes, a customer would ask for something, I would go to the team, and it would only be 20 minutes from request to production. We can’t do that with Targetprocess, but Service Desk was a nice cozy product. It was a lot of fun.
What was it like trying split time between all these different hats?
It was absolutely difficult to split time between so many work roles. The nature of support work itself is very asynchronous - there can be spikes, loads, quiet hours. Sometimes, there would be a dozen conversations, some with internal teams, some with chats, a phone call coming in, plus high level support contracts with VIP customers. Obviously, any chat from a customer must be quickly prioritized over anything else. Context switching is tough but also intense and fun.
Our support team is spread across four countries and three timezones. What’s it like working with remote teams?
I honestly do prefer co-located teams, as it’s faster to discuss things and brainstorm. But we have group calls, and we all know each other quite well, so overall it’s not really a problem. We have an awesome remote team. One of our guys just moved to South America, which will help improve our hours for the U.S. west coast.
What do you do with your free time?
I spend a lot of time with family. I have a son who’s 4, and very active. He takes up most of my time when he’s not asleep. I also enjoy some sports, gaming, books.

Bonus round:

Coffee or tea?
Coffee, tea after that. ☕ ☕
Favorite hobby?
Going to the gym 🏆
Favorite travel destination?
Singapore 🇸🇬
Favorite video game?
The Witcher series - the third was my favorite. 🔮
Favorite book?
1984 by Orwell 👁️
4 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.12.6: ‘Move to Top’ action, Entity types as lanes, and bug fixes

Move to Top

We're aware that it's not always easy to quickly prioritize cards, especially if you have a large Backlog or are in a List view with dozens of pages. Thanks to your feedback and discussions in our Slack community, we've introduced a 'Move to Top' action, which will be available for cards ordered by Rank. Please note that on List views, this action will reprioritize cards into the first position of the first page in the List:

Entity types as lanes

It might happen that you have several different entity types displayed on the same board together. When working with a lot of cards, the visual indicators for cards' particular types can feel quite subtle. To this end, we've added the option to sort cards into lanes based on their Entity Type. Here's how a Board view looks with the new distribution:


Minor improvements

  • Entity name and ID# have been reversed in the browser tab caption
  • Private views can be removed without confirmation from the left menu
  • Redesigned avatars on the user details page

Fixed Bugs:

  • REST API: Added missing 'format=json' property to the 'Next' link of inner collections
  • Users will no longer occasionally be redirected to a random view when opening Targetprocess
  • Cards will no longer duplicate on boards because of live updates
  • Mentions: Users will no longer sometimes be stricken out when a new comment is added
  • Lists: filter by entity type in finder now works again
  • The batch updates button will no longer appear when you scroll vertically on a Mac
  • Fixed a case where Lists with a definite configuration wouldn't load after clicking 'Expand all'
  • Existing tags will no longer show up in recent tags
  • Fixed a case where you whould be able to save a View name containing less symbols than the menu width allows to show on View Setup
  • Removed some extra space between icons and labels in mentions
  • Cursor will no longer point to one side when resizing cards on Timelines on a Mac
  • Comments will now be preserved if an error occurs while entering them
  • Fixed checkbox alignment on entity views
  • 'Lanes have been updated' message will no longer appear
  • Fixed a case where you would be unable to create entities via API call in a final workflow state with the custom 'EndDate'
  • 'Show more' button will no longer break after prioritizing cards
  • Fixed assignment issues for IE11
4 months ago

Targetprocess for iOS | Release 4.3: Comments hierarchy, video attachments, search improvements

Hierarchy for comments

Do you prefer communicating with your teammates directly in work items? We're glad to announce our improved comments view for your iOS devices! From now on, discussions will be structured in a 2-level hierarchy, making it much easier to follow the conversation. All replies to a comment will be placed in the replies section under the initial comment. Tapping the "Show/Hide replies" link will expand/collapse the replies section.

To reply to a comment, just hold your finger down on it and choose the "Reply to" option.

Video attachments

It's now possible to attach videos from your device's library. You can select video files of up to 100 MB, and add them to any work item.

Search: Found in Description, Comment, Custom Field

We are continuing to improve the Search tab to make it even more helpful. We've added the captions "Found in Description/Comment/Custom Field" to Search results. These captions indicate where the text in the search query was found.

Found In caption

If you have anything you want to share with us, use the Feedback form in the app's "Me" tab, or shoot us a message at

Click here to download the iOS app.