4 months ago

Service Desk: localization and other improvements

Hi all!

It's been a while since we posted something new about Service Desk, and I am happy to share the latest changes with you.


Service Desk is now fully translated to 10 languages, all thanks to a number of awesome people who volunteered to contribute to the translation process. This is really impressive, as we did not have the chance to hire translation agencies for this feature. Such support from the community is really appreciated and makes us feel that maybe we did one or two things right.


The following languages are now available:

  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Spanish

There is a global, default language which be set at Service Desk options by an admin, but users can select the one they individually prefer in their personal settings. This will be useful if you have people working in different locations.

New Search

It's no secret that search functionality was rather... limited in Service Desk. Basically, it searched for the exact phrase you typed, and it was rather slow. We did this on purpose back then, since we planned on reusing the awesome new search engine being developed for Targetprocess. This engine is now available in Targetprocess, and you can already find it at our own instance of Service Desk. It will be available for all Service Desk users with our next release (v.3.12.3).

Widget Builder

As you may know, you can embed a simple Widget into any page or application so that users can submit requests right from there, without using the full version of Service Desk. This is not something really new — it was already available in previous versions. However, it was not very convenient to configure it, as you would almost certainly need to consult our guide and form your Widget link by adding parameters manually. We simplified the process by allowing you to configure your Widget at Service Desk Settings:


Improvements in permissions

  • Targetprocess administrators will now see private requests in Service Desk, as they would in Targetprocess.
  • Request owners can see their own private requests even if they are not among requesters anymore.
  • If you are a requester or the owner of a request, you can now see the request in the My Requests list, even if the project is not available in Service Desk. This will help companies who have one project for incoming support tickets, and then distribute requests to the appropriate project by Support Team. In fact, this was the only thing preventing us from deprecating the old Help Desk portal where such a scenario was both supported and critical for some customers.

Usability improvements

  • It is now much easier to find the My Requests list, which was previously hidden under the cogwheel icon.
  • Targetprocess users will now see internal links to Targetprocess for requests and related items.
  • We are no longer displaying states in groups (like Open, In Progress, Done) if the projects use only one process. In this case, you will now see your actual states.
  • It is now more clear which request type is currently selected.

There were some other minor bug fixes and smaller improvements as well, such as the addition of my personal favorite black color theme.

We hope you like our Service Desk, and we'd really love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Have a great weekend everyone!


4 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.12.2: “What’s new” button, Entity custom fields as lanes, views menu and search improvements

Changed the popup for Targetprocess release notes

As you might have noticed, there was no automatic in-product popup for these release notes. Rather, a green dot on the Settings gear indicates there's something new to read, which you can open at your convenience.

A quick note: We push releases out to users incrementally, so don't worry if you don't see these changes right away. We're coming for you next.

Left menu improvements

  • We've renamed 'Groups' to 'Folders', as this name makes more sense here
  • We've more explicitly separated the 'Favorites' and 'All Views' sections
  • The 'All Views' section can now be collapsed
  • You can now find your Favorited items (Folders and Views) not only in 'Favorites', but also in 'All Views'. Thus, 'All Views' section will keep the same set of Folders and Views although you added some of them to 'Favorites'.


Search: Sort your results by Creation Date

By default, search results in Targetprocess are ordered by relevance. Starting with this release, you can now also order your search results by creation date. Select your preferred sorting in the top left corner:

Targetprocess Entity custom fields as lanes

You can now use Targetprocess Entity custom fields as lanes on a view. You can create a new entity with this custom field straight from the board using the 'Quick add' button. Or, change the value of this custom field for already existing entity by dragging & dropping.


Minor Improvements:

Fixed Bugs:

  • Visual encoding will now work with dates
  • Inner Lists: Removed unnecessary clicks for Add Time function
  • Fixed issue where Search2 would fail when appConfig isn't presented in the URL, or when an empty context is selected for the view
  • Search will no longer break Safari on OS Mavericks
  • Fixed error in new search: "Cannot read property 'highlight' of undefined"
  • Entities from inactive projects will not be taken into account in the tab counter on entity lists
  • Unnecessary horizontal space will no longer appear in inner lists
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Quick Add' icon wouldn't appear in a cell during mouse hover
  • Fixed a case where List sticky header is displayed over filter suggestion
  • Datepicker selection will now work in Git plugin
  • Screen Capture Extension will no longer randomly stop working
  • Fixed an issue where Targetprocess wouldn't load (deadlocks) after performing some actions to a large set of views from a large database
  • Copy to Project will no longer fail if the entity has a System custom field
  • Fixed incorrect effort calculations caused by nhibernate
  • Fixed warning messages when Targetprocess is opened by several people, and one of them deletes and restores a group
  • When you reply to a notification, the notification text will cut and will not be added to the comment
  • Fixed project name in Milestones widget
  • Fixed error when editing text or Entity custom fields after editing a Dropdown custom field in lists
  • Fixed an issue where two tags are added instead of one when selecting a tag from the dropdown using arrow keys
  • Fixed incorrect Dropdown custom field values for projects in a list
  • Fixed a case where bulk invite doesn't execute if someone is already assigned to the Project
  • Email integration plugin: rules will no longer be ignored if they contain a space
  • Fixed a problem where concurrent modifications of custom fields would result in invalid custom field values on entities
  • Fixed 'Internal server error' in AuditHistoryService for Custom Fields
  • Custom terms for 'Project' entities will be shown in hints of the Project-Team selector UI
  • Drag & drop will now work in the left menu in the latest version of Edge
5 months ago

Visual Reports Editor: New creation flow, in-chart calculations, history changes, and transitions source

New Report Creation Flow

We have slightly changed the way that reports are created. Templates for all sources will now be visible on the new reports page. This way, you can scroll to find what you're looking for, or filter by tag or keyword.


As soon as you find the template of your dreams, just click on it. A slide with chart and source settings will appear, so you have a chance to change the default data filters. You can create a chart from scratch by selecting "Blank" if there's no template that quite matches what you need, or if you are working on creating some unique visualization. Click "Create Report" to complete data processing and start editing the chart.


Runnings, totals, and other in-chart calculations

The report editor is super-charged with additional calculation possibilities. You have the power to add calculations which produce percentage, differences, and cumulative charts like the one below. Please check our online documentation to see what kind of functions are available for in-chart calculations.


New source: History of transitions

Sometimes, you might need to find out the history transitions of some concrete property, such as "State". We have built a special report source for that purpose called "History Changes & Transitions". You can find two templates on our new report page related to this source type for every entity (for example "Stories State Transitions" and "Stories By State").

The chart example below was designed to show how state transition distribution has changed over time.


We will really appreciate your feedback on this beta release of historical reports. What do you like about it? What could be improved? Let us know what you think at

5 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.12.1: Group hierarchy in the left menu and new lists for entities

Three-level group hierarchy in the left menu, and the possibility to create a view or group from anywhere

We heard you like to keep things organized, so we made some folders for your folders. You can now create subgroups for groups of views in the left menu; a three-level hierarchy is supported. You can now also create a subgroup or nested view right in the group where you want to place it. We hope these improvements will help you to organize your work in the left menu more effectively.


New inner lists for entities

We hope that you won't miss the old inner lists, because our new ones have more possibilities for a better experience. You can now:

  • Sort inner lists by columns displayed
  • Fill out required Custom Fields while creating entities
  • Select Projects and Teams that differ from their parent entity

We tried to preserve the behavior of the old lists by adding possible actions under the context menu. Just right click on any entity in an inner list, and choose the option that you're interested in. You can check out these new inner lists in the entity details view of Features, User Stories, Requests, Releases, and Iterations.


By default, cards are ordered by rank. Items with the highest priority are on top, while 'done' cards are placed in the bottom of list. You can change the order of items by clicking the column header, but keep in mind that this will prevent you from prioritizing items on the view.

Projects-Teams selector: highlight and select Teams assigned to a Project, and vice versa

In the Projects-Teams selector, you will now find a small new option that allows you to see and select Teams that are currently assigned to a Project. The same works in the opposite direction: you can select the Projects that your Team is assigned to at the moment.


Minor Improvements:

  • Added a 'Share link' option to Project and Team entity details views
  • Reordered and grouped fields in the Info section of entity details views
  • Acid parameter removed from the URL
  • Added a new checkbox component to Quick Add
  • Made entity Custom Fields editable in Lists
  • Increased the character limit for the value field of Multiple Selection Custom Fields.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Сustom Field sorting will no longer break when Custom Fields with the same name from different processes are mapped to different columns in the database
  • Fixed a problem with FTPS connection for the Test Run Import plugin
  • If some cards are not shown on a Board but are included in capacity calculation, the appropriate notice on capacity label will be displayed
  • Fixed a case where Anticipated End date (instead of Forecasted End date) would be used as the allocation end date in capacity calculations
  • Fixed an issue where deleted users would be shown in mention notifications, instead of active users with the same login
  • Checkbox Custom Fields will now become editable when you click anywhere in the field
  • History tab: Users' unassigned/attachment deleted actions will now be shown
  • Fixed a case where the reply email field for Projects would be cut off
  • If a User can see a Team via a Project only and this Project becomes inactive, the Team will no longer appear in Quick Add or in the Board Access popup
  • If time tracking is disabled, completed effort for a role will now reset to zero for entities that are moved from the final state
  • Fixed: Jumping to entity doesn't work if there is a space after the ID number in the search query