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About 2 years ago I’ve become very much interested in UX and everything about UX. This interest has eventually evolved into strong awareness of presenting information, visually in particular. One just can’t help thinking in terms of visualization when reading Tufte, Cleveland and Berten. Ideas come pouring in all the time: how to make things more visual, easier to grasp, more clear (in our product, in particular).

I will try to share this feeling and tell more about the principles of information visualization based on some very impressive stories. I beg your pardon for a couple or two boring definitions. There’re no jokes in this article, intentionally. It’s a deadly serious business, so scrape up all your patience and read on.

Disclaimer: the article is quite lengthy. Even so, it’s my sincere hope that you will get over it in no time, as I can’t stress enough how engaging and fascinating the subject is.

Patterns for Information Visualization

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