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12 years ago

Plans for TargetProcess 2.4: SCRUM Oriented

Despite the release of TP 2.3 several days ago we've already started TP 2.4 development which will be released in early May. Yeah, project heartbeat is rapid. The TP 2.4 release focuses on two things:

  1. Better SCRUM support
  2. Better reporting

The reasons behind the first goal are quite simple. SCRUM is the most used agile methodology and TargetProcess lacks several core features from SCRUM:

  • Daily SCRUM meetings management
  • Different terminology
  • Impediments management

While they are not show stoppers for TP usage for SCRUM, they do affect overall impression and product usability.

It is possible to put data about tasks progress nicely into TP if developers do that themselves, but on SCRUM meetings ScrumMaster do that job and he needs more simple way. He needs a single screen where he can do all progress/status updates.

It is possible to learn that sprint is an iteration in TargetProcess, but it is not comfortable and we don't like when you feel any discomfort with TP.

It is possible to manage impediments in Excel, but TP is integrated tool and designed to replace Excelish stuff for agile development in fact.

So all the features above will be implemented in TP 2.4. ScrumMaster will have Task Board where he will be able to change task states, reassign tasks, update remaining effort, add impediments and so on. ScrumMaster will have impediments management functionality, he will be able to create impediments, bind them to user stories, make them private or public, track them and easily see all impediments for user story, task or bug. And all TP users will benefit from customizable terminology and finally you will see Sprints instead Iterations everywhere in TP.

We think that with TP 2.4 release TargetProcess will be SCRUM-ready (i.e. easy to use in scrum environment).

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