Product Update: Fast Test Cases Execution in TargetProcess | Targetprocess - Enterprise Agility Solution
11 years ago

Product Update: Fast Test Cases Execution in TargetProcess

In v.2.16.5 we've added some nice feature that simplifies test cases execution for a specific user story.

Basically, this is the fastest way to test a specific user story. You don't need to create test plan and test run. Just navigate to user story view and open test cases tab. This tab provides all the required functionality:

  1. Expand test case to see details.
  2. Mark test case as passed or failed and open next test case in the list.
  3. Re-order test case using drag and drop.

The list is fully ajaxified, with no page reload on all actions.

Targetprocess Image

Sometimes tester wants to correct test case name or steps. It can be done right there without page reload.

Targetprocess Image

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