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5 years ago

Prototype for new Custom Graphical Reports editor

We are working on a new editor for Custom Graphical Reports. Its main goal is to give the possibility to explore Targetprocess data and make it easy to experiment.

Let’s talk about the areas that the new editor will have.

The Data section is quite similar to the current report setup. It allows selecting entities, filtering them out.

Fields that can be used for the selected entities are listed in the Fields section. It will be possible to filter them by type (numeric, text, or date) and by name.

Axes setup will be more visual compared to the current editor, where you need to type information in text fields. Now you will be able to drag-and-drop fields right to the axis (X, Y, Color, or Size).

It will be easy to set up properties of the axis field (the name, aggregation, sorting, and filter) - just click on the axis field and the setup pop-up will appear.

Targetprocess Image

In addition to that there will be the Action Menu, with many useful items for reports.

Try the interactive prototype and let us know what can be improved, what you like and what you don’t like.

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