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10 years ago

Re-designing ToDo Area: Wireframes II

Last Friday we discussed another ToDo list concept. The idea is to provide something similar to Kanban Board for personal tasks management, but more flexible.

Flexibility may be provided via custom grouping. For example, person may group tasks by user story vertically and by time frame horizontally and see something like on the wireframe below:

Re-designing ToDo Area: Wireframes II. Image 1

You may select another grouping, for example, by state, or by tag, or by custom field. As we see it will provide grate abilities to plan personal work with very creative patterns that we can't even imagine. Maybe it is too complex, we are not sure so far. We'll have usability testing phase on ready prototype to evaluate this solution.

Drag and drop may be used to plan personal work from backlog.

Re-designing ToDo Area: Wireframes II. Image 2

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