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10 years ago

Re-designing ToDo List: Personas

We are incorporating UX practices into our development process. It is not so easy, the first attempt was with Eclipse plugin. Second one is ToDo list re-design. I don't know what will be the end result. Maybe we will merge several screens into one (for example, Time Sheet and ToDo list), maybe something else, but we are starting from scratch and focusing on the needs of real users. We are going to write scenarios for all personas, create flows and wireframes, create prototypes and test them on real customers. Let's see how it goes.

Recently we've had a series of meetings dedicated to Personas. There were several testers, several developers and product owner on the meeting. We've spent about 5 hours in total and here are some results.

Personas important for ToDo list are marked with a green circle. Manual Tester is selected as a key persona (double circled).

Re-designing ToDo List: Personas. Image 1

Re-designing ToDo List: Personas. Image 2

Andy is a serious geek. It was easy, since we have a former game developer on board 🙂

Re-designing ToDo List: Personas. Image 3

Everybody agreed that Alan is a true designer. Someone even said that he knows a very similar guy working as a web designer.

Re-designing ToDo List: Personas. Image 4

And our development team likes the approach.

Re-designing ToDo List: Personas. Image 5

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