Targetprocess v.3.12.2
3 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.12.2: “What’s new” button, Entity custom fields as lanes, views menu and search improvements

Changed the popup for Targetprocess release notes

As you might have noticed, there was no automatic in-product popup for these release notes. Rather, a green dot on the Settings gear indicates there's something new to read, which you can open at your convenience.

A quick note: We push releases out to users incrementally, so don't worry if you don't see these changes right away. We're coming for you next.

Left menu improvements

  • We've renamed 'Groups' to 'Folders', as this name makes more sense here
  • We've more explicitly separated the 'Favorites' and 'All Views' sections
  • The 'All Views' section can now be collapsed
  • You can now find your Favorited items (Folders and Views) not only in 'Favorites', but also in 'All Views'. Thus, 'All Views' section will keep the same set of Folders and Views although you added some of them to 'Favorites'.

Search: Sort your results by Creation Date

By default, search results in Targetprocess are ordered by relevance. Starting with this release, you can now also order your search results by creation date. Select your preferred sorting in the top left corner:

Targetprocess Entity custom fields as lanes

You can now use Targetprocess Entity custom fields as lanes on a view. You can create a new entity with this custom field straight from the board using the 'Quick add' button. Or, change the value of this custom field for already existing entity by dragging & dropping.

Minor Improvements:

Fixed Bugs:

  • Visual encoding will now work with dates
  • Inner Lists: Removed unnecessary clicks for Add Time function
  • Fixed issue where Search2 would fail when appConfig isn't presented in the URL, or when an empty context is selected for the view
  • Search will no longer break Safari on OS Mavericks
  • Fixed error in new search: "Cannot read property 'highlight' of undefined"
  • Entities from inactive projects will not be taken into account in the tab counter on entity lists
  • Unnecessary horizontal space will no longer appear in inner lists
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Quick Add' icon wouldn't appear in a cell during mouse hover
  • Fixed a case where List sticky header is displayed over filter suggestion
  • Datepicker selection will now work in Git plugin
  • Screen Capture Extension will no longer randomly stop working
  • Fixed an issue where Targetprocess wouldn't load (deadlocks) after performing some actions to a large set of views from a large database
  • Copy to Project will no longer fail if the entity has a System custom field
  • Fixed incorrect effort calculations caused by nhibernate
  • Fixed warning messages when Targetprocess is opened by several people, and one of them deletes and restores a group
  • When you reply to a notification, the notification text will cut and will not be added to the comment
  • Fixed project name in Milestones widget
  • Fixed error when editing text or Entity custom fields after editing a Dropdown custom field in lists
  • Fixed an issue where two tags are added instead of one when selecting a tag from the dropdown using arrow keys
  • Fixed incorrect Dropdown custom field values for projects in a list
  • Fixed a case where bulk invite doesn't execute if someone is already assigned to the Project
  • Email integration plugin: rules will no longer be ignored if they contain a space
  • Fixed a problem where concurrent modifications of custom fields would result in invalid custom field values on entities
  • Fixed 'Internal server error' in AuditHistoryService for Custom Fields
  • Custom terms for 'Project' entities will be shown in hints of the Project-Team selector UI
  • Drag & drop will now work in the left menu in the latest version of Edge

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