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11 years ago

Retrospective Meeting Results 2

Today we held one more retrospective meeting. First we evaluated some action items from previous meeting:

Daily Code Demos: Each developer must spend ~15-30 minutes every day demonstrating his code to other developer.Development teem liked this practice and decided to keep it forever.
Coding Deadline: Two days before Iteration end all user stories that are not completed excluded from the iteration delivery and moved to the next iteration.Not sure whether it helped. Team decided to keep this practice for one more iteration to try.
Define Iteration scope and specs before iteration start.Good practice that allows to start iteration right away. Decided to keep it.

The major discussion topic on this meeting was the product quality. Sometimes testing is not started when required. For example, developer completes the feature on Monday, but testing starts on Thursday. The problem is in communication between development and testing teams. Two practices will be tried in the next iteration:

Developer/Tester team for user story. Each user story will have a pair of developer and tester. It will be known who is responsible for the user story testing and development and make it clear for all team members. It should help to discuss user story for interested parties.

Developer-to-QA demo. When developer completes the user story it should demonstrate the functionality to the tester right away. It will clearly identity the moment when implementation is done and help to identify initial most critical problems early. Also developer should demonstrate ready pieces of functionality during daily code demos (if he has something new to show).

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