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11 years ago

Retrospective Meeting Results

Last week we had retrospective meeting. We have identified two major problems. We often unable to ship fully tested and complete build in the end of iteration. The main reason is that some user stories still in development even in the last iteration day, it means integration and acceptance tests will not be run. The other problem is knowledge transfer. Some developers are not willing to use pair programming all the time, the team decided to pair only for complex refactoring and development tasks.

We decided to try three new practices in the next iteration:

  1. Daily Code Demos: Each developer must spend ~15-30 minutes every day demonstrating his code to other developer. It is a kind of code review on a daily basis, it does not take much time and should improve awareness inside the team.
  2. Coding Deadline: Two days before Iteration end all user stories that are not completed excluded from the iteration delivery and moved to the next iteration. They must be hidden in UI and do not affect application in any way.
  3. Define Iteration scope and specs before iteration start. When iteration starts, the following must be ready: iteration scope clearly defined, all use stories in the iteration scope have brief description, iteration planing meeting is done. It will help to start iteration development from the day one.

Let's see the results in two weeks 🙂

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