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4 months ago

SAFe 5.0 support in Targetprocess + webinar on Organizational Agility

Early in January 2020, the SAFe 5.0 framework update went live at Scaled Agile Inc. The new SAFe 5.0 extends the concept of Agility to Organizational Agility, which alongside the development teams and IT departments, includes the agility of business teams and the alignment of the whole organization.

Enterprises are beginning to transition to the updated framework, trying to embrace and incorporate the new and refreshed concepts.

Targetprocess is happy to underpin your implementation of the newest framework and is proud to confirm full support and compliance with SAFe 5.0. Our consultants and teams received the necessary training and certifications early this year, and the Targetprocess platform was updated accordingly.

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Targetprocess professionals certified by Scaled Agile for SAFe 5.0
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Official Platform Partner of Scaled Agile Inc. Full support for SAFe 5.0

What's new in Targetprocess

We've updated our solution for DevOps and introduced new solutions to better support Solution Trains and Agile Release Trains (ARTs), PI Objectives and Sprint Goals, Risks, Retrospectives, Strategic Themes and OKRs.

As a result, Targetprocess is ready to help you organize around value, map the value streams, set the right metrics, and track the value flow across the whole enterprise.

See these and other new developments in action: Request a demo

You're invited:

Organizational Agility with SAFe 5.0
Methods and tools to support it. [Webinar]

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We're running a special joint webinar with Scaled Agile Inc. to help our users understand the new additions to version 5.0 of the Scaled Agile Framework, specifically the Organizational Agility competency and to demonstrate how it's supported in Targetprocess.

TUESDAY, MAR 3, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CET

You'll be able to:

  • Know why Organizational Agility is critical for overall Business Agility
  • Identify the right methods and tooling to lay the foundation for Organizational Agility within the enterprise
  • Apply Lean-Agile practices across the organization and continuously evolve Organizational Agility
  • Implement critical aspects of Strategy Agility
  • Evaluate how the Targetprocess software platform can support or enhance your implementation of SAFe 5.0

Watch the webinar

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