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Finally we are going to add Subversion integration in TP 2.2. We think that it will slightly improves productivity of developers and make Code Review practice more pleasurable.

Developers usually do several steps to fix a bug (even very small)

  1. Open a bug from TP dashboard to view it’s details
  2. Fix the bug
  3. Commit (check in) code into repository with a proper comment (for example, bug name and ID)
  4. Add spent time record into TP (not necessary, but improves statistics)
  5. Change bug state to fixed (usually with the same comment as was submitted to repository)

We think it is possible to remove step 4 and 5 by making some integrations with common Source Control systems. The main idea behind is that Developer can add additional information such a bug ID when committing files. It may looks like "Fixed bug #243. Added boundaries check to prevent exception. Time: 4h". TP will parse this log message, extract from it Bug ID, close the bug and create associated time record if necessary. So developer will not need to do the same thing in TP.

Another advantage of Subversion integration is that it will be possible to check all modified files for particular bug or user story as well as differences between revisions. Why is that required? For example, experienced developer may check how junior developer fixed the bug (if there is no pair programming practice in team).

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