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10 years ago

Support Teamwork: Optimizing Flows

We're always working to improve teamwork of our Support and QA folks to better process  support requests (quick reminder:  you can submit your question/idea/request/ issue to TargetProcess HelpDesk or by email)

That's  how we decided to optimize some flows and eliminate Muda:

1. Some  issues are related to performance. Support work starts with asking basically one and the same set of questions about their server configuration, CPU load, IIS version (see TargetProcess system requirements).  Sending questions and answers back and forth takes time (sometimes days).

The solution we'd use so far is  a documented form that our customers will be supposed to fill in as they encounter performance problems. Why document and not online form: it might take time to put together all the info about server configuration, and an online form can expire. In the future, we could write a utility to measure all the parameters for performance and generate an .xml file.

2. We've got a "Waiting for Response" state for the requests waiting on answers from customers. The rule is: if a customer says nothing after 2 days, we send a reminder. Then, if no response in another 2 days, we send a note that we're closing this request. It takes time to sift through the requests with "Waiting for response" state, so we'd set up an automatic alert utility for that.  Sometimes people don't see our emails with questions. Maybe their spam filters are blocking TP notifications.  But no emails - no support.  Dear customers, please, keep track of all the notifications and comments from our HelpDesk.

3. Sometimes there're issues that are impossible to reproduce. Our QA  might spend hours with no success. All the info is in place, all the artifacts - but bugs wouldn't show up.  For such cases, we'd ask our customers to capture videos and  attach video files to their requests.  If video does not help, then the next step would be to set up an online meeting with customers to find the causes of problems.

You're welcome to share your opinion: which flows/small things can be improved in TargetProcess support?

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