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3 days ago

Targetprocess v.3.8.8: Custom Fields ordering in entity views, Text widget for Dashboards, minor design changes, bug fixes

Custom Fields ordering in entity views

Do you use a lot of custom fields? Now you can change the order in which they are displayed! Place the most important Custom Fields at the top of the list, or group them by category to make your views more readable and adaptable to your needs.

For example, let's say you have the following list of Custom fields for a Project:

19-May-16 16-41-14

Which displays like this in a Project view:

19-May-16 16-46-10

You might decide you want to see all budget fields first. To do this, open the Custom Fields menu in Settings, hover the mouse over the corresponding field, and pull it into the position you want to see it on the view:

19-May-16 16-47-54

Now, budgets will be displayed first:

19-May-16 16-49-37

Dashboard widget: Text

A new text widget has been added to the widgets on Dashboard. Now, you can easily write up important details about current Project status and attach this information to your Dashboard.

20-May-16 12-17-00

Minor design changes

We've redesigned the progress bar and made general improvements to optimize:

  • card hover
  • cards selection
  • display of active entities
  • entity deletion
  • background highlighting
  • system performance 

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed image copy/paste duplication in Description
  • Fixed issue with password restore for inactive users
  • Fixed an issue with TFS Plugin not working with Visual Studio 2015
  • Fixed support for HTTP byte range request in tpondemand
  • Fixed the "Follow Activity" widget
2 weeks ago

Targetprocess v.3.8.7: IMAP protocol support for Inbound Email Integration, added Effort units to Project Customize Cards, bug fixes

IMAP protocol support for Inbound Email Integration

Believe it or not, we have finally added the ability to use IMAP protocol.

3.8.7 pic imap

Basically, this means two things:

  1. You can now use more modern protocol for your Inbound Email Integration plugin. Your IT guys will be happy to hear that. If you missed out on the ability to turn incoming emails into requests because your infrastructure does not allow for obsolete POP3 protocol, then now is the right time to try it out.
  2. There's hope for every feature in the backlog, no matter how long the wait.

Effort units in Project Customize Cards

You can now add units for Total Effort and EffortToDo/Total Effort to your Project cards from the Customize Cards tab. This will make it easier to get a quick overview of Effort for your Projects.

3.8.7 pic effort2

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed a problem with card hang-up during drag and drop on a board
  • Fixed an issue with the display of inactive users for People units on Projects and Teams cards
  • Fixed a case where 'auto-assign' would not work when assigning People from a Team to a Project
  • Fixed 'show more' functionality in the list of work items for a Person
  • Fixed inability to edit Time description from the Time tab of an entity
  • Fixed a problem with remaining cards selection after a batch move
4 weeks ago

Targetprocess v.3.8.6: Batch Delete from context menu, Quick Add Relations in Lists and Boards, Focus on selected cards, Import/Export for Team States and Teams

Batch delete

We are on our way to making batch actions easier to perform. To start, we've enabled batch delete using a context menu for all view modes where a group of cards can be selected (Board view, Timeline view, One-by-one view and a clipboard). 


Quick Add Relations in Lists and Boards

From now on, it will take less clicks to add relations to your entities. Quick Add is now available from Relations Lists and Board views.


Focus on selected cards

Before v3.8.6, you could only focus on whole lanes. Now, you can focus in on cards as well. Select cards and (or) lanes you want bring into focus, and then press the Focus button at the top of the view.


Import/Export for Team States

Your data can now be exported to a CSV file with all Teams and Team State fields intact. Just build a view with entities you are interested in and click the ‘Export’ button from the ‘Actions’ menu to download a CSV file. You can also set these fields from a CSV file if you map the Teams, Team State, and Team Iteration fields before importing.

Date units for project

Several new units have been added for cards: Planned Start, Planned Finish, Forecasted Finish, and Anticipated Finish. Go to the Customize Cards tab in a view's settings to add these units to your cards.


Inline edit allocations on a project/person/team view

Inline Editing of Percent Participating and Start/End Date in the Allocations list is now available! Hover the mouse over a unit and edit the value with one click. The option is available on User/Team/Project Detailed views.


Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed copying an entity with all its custom fields values
  • Fixed Rich Text Custom Field display in a Print view
  • ‘Remove Relation' button is replaced with the ‘Unlink’ button
  • Improved Global Quick Add Performance
  • Fixed attachment display for users that are not the attachment's owner
  • Fixed highlighting of cards in a clipboard
2 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.8.5: custom rules for Request closing, Planned Start/End date lanes, Customized card units update

Minor Features

A custom rule for Request closing

We've created custom rules that will close a request once all of its related items (outbound and/or inbound) have been closed. These rules will help to save time and effort, and will minimize the chance that a request unnecessarily remains open after all related work has been completed.  

3.8.5 pic7

Planned Start/End date lanes

We've also introduced the ability to set up views that group user stories, defects and other entities by planned start and planned end dates.  For example, let’s say you want to see which user stories are planned to end next week so you can increase their priority.  To do this, create a view that displays User Stories as cards. Select 'planned end date' as a lane and filter it using your desired date range: ?(It >= '11-Apr-2016' and It <='18-Apr-2016')   



Customize cards with 'Entity Type' and 'Planned/Forecast duration' units

Sometimes, it can be difficult to recognize what kind of item a card is through color coding alone.  To remedy this, we have added a new “Entity Type” unit for cards to help you immediately recognize if an item is a User Story, Task, Bug, Request, etc.   

3.8.5 pic5

We've also added units of time for planned and forecasted duration. So, you can now see how long an item is planned or forecasted to take. For example, an entity with a planned start date of April 8th, 2016 and planned end date of August 20th, 2017 will display a planned duration of “1 year, 4 months.” In tooltip, you can see more a more detailed representation of the duration -- e.g., “1 year, 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days (500 days).”


Relations are shown independently from the specified context now

Previously, Relations were displayed based on the selected projects and teams in the top bar’s context/filter selector. A user had to select "All projects" and "All teams" to see all specified Relations. From now on, you'll be able to see all the available Relations no matter what context is selected. This change affects the Relations tab on entity view and Inbound/Outbound Relation cards.

The ability to map Team workflow to a final Project state only

You might be in a situation where you need a team to start work on an entity only at the final stage of its workflow. For example, when new functionality is ready, the Copywriter Team is assigned to write the relevant User Guide pages. You can now plan this out in Targetprocess by creating a team workflow that's mapped only to the final project state.

3.8.5 pic6

Math functions syntax simplified to work with nullable values

We've simplified the syntax of functions that are used in Reports to work with null data (data with no value assigned to it).
For example, in early versions of Reports, you would have to write the following formula to see requests' lead time in minutes:

IIF(StartDate != null, Math.Round((Today-StartDate.Value).TotalMinutes), -1)

This complex formula would have to be used for those instances when a request is not yet started and its StartDate is null. Now the formula can be written simply:


Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed currency display for money fields
  • Fixed quick add form submit by enter key
  • Fixed some layout problems for custom card units
  • Fixed an issue with CKeditor: links did not open in a new window
  • Fixed a problem with creating attachments for Requests from messages sent from a third party tool like ServiceNow
  • Fixed broken search in IE11 after changing entity assignments
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