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1 month ago

Targetprocess v.3.10.9: miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes

Minor features and fixed bugs

  • Fixed data losses that would occur when two or more users tried to edit an entity's Description at the same time. concurrent-description-edit
  • Redesigned the People selection tab for Project and Team viewsteam-project-people
  • Mashups: We reformulated the descriptions of mashup placeholders; they are more humane now. And, you can now save mashup code with the Cmd+S/Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut
  • Bulk Undelete for Projects and Users is now supported in REST API: api/v1/undelete/bulk  [{id:23, EntityType:'Project'},{id:24, EntityType:'Project'}]
  • Fixed data loss that would occur when one would type a Description and then close the entity's popup before saving
  • Improved the performance of Relations filtering
  • Fixed a case where the left menu would show improper view sets when Users were added/removed from Projects
  • Hide a redundant and confusing Epic -> No Feature row from Lists
  • Fixed Assignments search in Lists. You will now be able to find a User if their name not only starts with the searched keyword, but includes it in the middle
  • Fixed a prioritization error that occurred when reordering entities in an inner list of a parent entity view
  • Fixed 'No project' in the Projects and Teams Selection after a Project was deleted or became unavailable
  • Fixed a problem with renaming Boards in Firefox v.49 and v.50
  • Users will now be unable to link a Test Case to the same Test Plan more than once.
2 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.10.8: Custom Request Types

Custom Request Types

Custom Request types increase the number of scenarios that the Service Desk can be used for. For example, you could add "Project Request" if you're doing Portfolio Management, "IT request" for infrastructure guys, and much more. Alternatively, you can simplify Idea Management by removing all Request types except for "Idea".


Fixed Bugs

  • Requiring a comment for state transfers is now supported in Boards and Lists. If checked, users are requested to input a comment before moving an entity to the selected state.
  • Fixed: Non-admin user could change their team role without 'add/edit team' permissions
  • POP plugin won't create a requester if a Targetprocess User with the same email already exists
  • Fixed email notification duplicates in the case of reply-to comments where the same person is mentioned and addressed
  • REST api/v1: InboundAssignables, OutboundAssignables endpoints with CustomField collection included returned empty value
2 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.10.7: Recent Items and Browsing History

Notice: Tags Bundles Fall Into Oblivion

We've found a piece of legacy functionality from Targetprocess 2 that's been quite useless for several years — since the days when the multi-project concept was first released: Tags Bundles.

Tags Bundles are similar to a group of Tags, and were used in conjunction with features that are either outdated or have been removed. So, we wanted to let you know that we will be saying goodbye to Bundles in a few releases.

Recent Items and Browsing History

Every v.3 user has faced the challenge of quickly finding some entity which they recently viewed or modified. To fix this, we've added a special 'My Recent' tab to the views list so you can find quickly the entities that you've opened or edited lately. The tab shows the 15 most recently modified items which you own, and the 15 most recently modified items which you are assigned to. In the 'Browsed' tab, you can find a list of entities which you've opened recently.



Fixed Bugs

  • You can customize Project cards with a new unit ('Last State Change Date') and filter Projects by the date of their last state change
  • Fixed Quick Add exception in case a 'Targetprocess Entity Type' required custom field is in the form
  • Fixed timesheet page errors which appeared if a Project's abbreviation had special symbols
3 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.10.6: minor bug fixes

Improved Project and Team assignments from Person, Team, and Release views

This should have been fixed years ago. If you run dozens of Projects and Programs, then you know it's a pain to and add a new user or a cross-project release to the system and assign them to all the necessary Projects/Programs. You would have to select them one-by-one from a list that was sorted alphabetically but had no grouping by Programs.

Now it's easy - all Projects appear grouped under their Programs, so you can search for a Project and assign users/releases to all Projects in a Program straight away.


Fixed Bugs

  • Follow plugin: fixed a problem where emails would not be sent if an inactive user was following the changed entity
  • Fixed audit history failures on entity views when process-independent custom fields were changed
  • Fixed a problem where the auto-complete function for tags was interfering with selection from a tags cloud
  • Fixed POP email integration plugin which skipped rules for a subject keyword that contained an apostrophe


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