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6 days ago

Targetprocess v.3.10.2: Redesigned Projects-Teams Selector, Batch Add Comment

Redesigned Projects-Teams Selector

We expect this release to reduce the system's complexity quite a bit, as we have redesigned the projects-teams selector. Previously, your selection of projects and teams would be globally applied for all views that you opened. This caused some confusion, especially when users with different projects-teams selections collaborated on public views.

To remedy this, we've made the projects-teams selector a part of each view's settings. All users will now see views with a predefined projects-teams selection applied. This predefined selection is set by the view's owner.

You can still look at any view through any projects-teams context that you want by clicking on the selector. When you change the selection for a view, the selector will be highlighted yellow, like this:


This highlighting attracts your attention to the fact that you have changed the projects-teams selection for this view, and so you are looking at a different set of data than other users. There is a handy 'revert' option to quickly sync the view's projects and teams back to its public settings.

For more information, see our dedicated blogpost on this change, or check out the Projects-Teams Selector article in our User Guide.

Batch Add Comment

You will now be able to batch-add brief comments from the Batch Actions Panel to a group of selected items on a Board view.

batch add comment

Minor Features

  • Modified Date as lanes
  • Emojis in the Tags lane
  • Batch update of checkbox custom fields
  • Epics added to the Process Control chart, Cycle Time Distribution and Relations network diagram

Fixed Bugs

  • 'Open in new tab' doesn't work properly in Safari Version 10.0 for MacOS
  • Login page sometimes did not accept valid emails
2 weeks ago

Targetprocess v.3.10.1: New Visual Reports Editor, more Batch Actions

Beta of our new Visual Report Editor

On-Demand users will be able to switch to the beautiful beta of our new Visual Report Editor from Report Settings.

With this editor, you will have a lot of useful and easy options:

  • You can drag-n-drop fields in reports to edit them and explore your data 
  • Aggregate fields, and make title and sorting changes with one click
  • Important milestones and threshold lines can be added from field annotations
  • Browse and edit chart data with the built-in visual editor
  • Easy custom calculations via a formulas editor with full autocomplete 

Read more at this dedicated release post for the new Report Editor

Batch Actions: Text, Number custom fields, batch change Effort, link Relations

In v.3.10.1  you can reset or set new efforts for a group of selected cards. Only roles, who are common for all selected cards, are available in a batch action panel. Here you can set a new effort number or reset it to zero. If you see a certain number in the Effort field, it means that all cards in the selection have the same effort set. The 'Set new' placeholder means there are different Effort value sets in different cards (if the selection is for a given role).

batch effort

You will also be able to batch attach any Targetprocess entity to a group of cards as a Relation.

batch link relatioin

We've also added support for two more types of Custom Fields (in addition to drop-down lists) in the Batch Actions panel: Text and Number. We're now working on Date, Checkbox and Multiple Selection Custom Fields support.

Clone Dashboards

Somehow, the Clone action was missing from Dashboards. We fixed this inequity - you will now be able to make a copy of any Dashboard.

Clone Dashboard

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed Custom Field Constraints mashup to support custom teams workflow states
  • Fixed '0' drop-down list value wich couldn't be set properly
  • Fixed 'Share report' option
  • Fixed ban on adding users if their email is the same as a deleted user had
  • Screen Capture Extension: login issue fixed
  • Fixed problem with Copy to project / Convert not working if there is a deleted user assigned to a card or its child entity
  • *.m4a attachments now download correctly
  • Fixed Dark skin for TV to show view name properly
  • The *.Count().* DSL filter supports more complex predicates. Example: 'UserStories.Count(Feature.Name.Contains('Web') and Effort > 0) > 5'
  • Added the option to open URLs with the Targetprocess site domain from Custom fields in a current window
1 month ago

Targetprocess v.3.10.0: Cumulative Flow Diagram, Entity Split, Emojis

New Cumulative Flow Diagram

A lot of people have been waiting a very long time for this. We're sorry it took so long, but we had to make sure it was done right. The old solution wasn't good enough, but now we have a solution that we think you'll really appreciate:

  • It is fast
  • It is detailed - you can see all entity states
  • It is interactive - you can hide states and explore dynamics within the selected time period
  • It can be included on a Dashboard

Check out the CFD user guide page to get all the details


Entity Split

From now on, it will be possible to split entities of several types in Targetprocess: Epics, Features, User Stories, Bugs, Tasks, and Requests.

For example: when your Team is doing Backlog grooming and decides that some work assigned to the current Feature should be moved to the next Iteration or Release, you can choose to split the Feature into two entities and plan the second one for another Release.


On the split form, you can see and edit entity properties such as State, Business Value, Epic, Release, and others.


For more details, please see the User Guide article on How to Split Entities.

More Batch Actions

Finally, you can assign a user to multiple items!

Starting with v.3.10.0, you can apply a lot more changes to a set of cards. Move several items to another Project; change their Release, Sprint, or Team Sprint; update the drop-down Custom Fields; change their parent Feature or User Story; assign several entities at once to a user.

batch assign

Emoji in Tags and left menu

Have you ever had problems sorting through all the boards and views in the left menu?  Us too. It can definitely get cluttered in there, especially when the menu is minimized and only showing the preset icons.

That's why we're adding support for emojis in Targetprocess. Don't underestimate their power. They can make classifying and quickly identifying your views a breeze. Just mark your views with the appropriate emoji icon, and watch the left menu fill up with cheerful (and quickly decipherable) symbols:

Mon Sep 19 2016-1

You can also mark your stories and other entities using emojis by adding them as tags:

Mon Sep 19 2016

Emojis can also be used to improve visual encoding by adding them as Graphic Tags. Graphic Tags can be added to the smallest card size in all views. Board icons and the Graphic Tags custom unit on cards can be added from View Setup.

custom grafic tag unit

Restyled Lists

In version 3.10.0, we've made List views look more like a table. Every column has a translucent separator. Dragging this separator adjusts column width.

grid list


Redesigned View settings

We’ve made the UI for views a little less cluttered by moving several controls to the Actions menu. If you need to switch to a different view mode, hide empty lanes, or change the zoom level for cards, just open the Actions menu and select the appropriate option.

View setup

Minor Features

  • Bugzilla Integration Plugin: Map bug fields to Bugzilla custom fields
  • Test Run Import plugin: FTPS resources supported

Fixed Bug

  • Dropdown custom field name is listed as a value in a quick add
  • Mylyn connector updated to work with Targetprocess versions above 3.9.0
  • Fixed Screen Capture Extension: Login doesn't work correctly
2 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.9.3: Keyboard shortcuts, Owner as a lane

Keyboard shortcuts

We've finally implemented keyboard shortcuts into Targetprocess. You can review all the available shortcuts by pressing: "ctrl" + "/"  (or, "cmd" + "/"  for Macs).

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are currently 3 places in Targetprocess where shortcuts are available: views (Boards, Lists, Timelines, One-by-one views), entity views (the screen that appears when you open a card), and Quick Add popups. You can read more about keyboard shortcuts at this User Guide page.

Owner as a lane

We’ve added the possibility to include an Owner lane when setting up a view. This means you can now build views that group entities by the person who created them. Users with admin permissions can easily change the owner using drag and drop. Owners in lanes are filtered by the projects and teams currently selected in the global context.

Minor Updates and Fixed Bugs

  • Added a view menu search placeholder and a "no results" search message
  • Fixed an error that would occur when trying to run a Test plan owned by a deleted project from the Team Iteration view
  • Fixed the absence of required custom fields in the project/program context quick add form
  • Fixed a problem with incorrect card counts in the Person lane when there are multiple user assignments
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