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1 week ago

Targetprocess v.3.7.12: minor bug fixing

Fixed Bugs


4 weeks ago

Targetprocess v.3.7.11: minor bug fixing. Important notice for On-Site customers

Important Notice for On-Site customers

We’ve been putting quite a bit of effort into improving performance in Targetprocess.  For the past few months we’ve had a dedicated team who’s primary responsibility was to investigate related issues. From the team’s investigation, in order to resolve many of the problems an update to the ASP.NET SignalR library was required.
This library update forces the Targetprocess application pool to be in the Integrated Pipeline mode.  And, as you may already be aware, this mode does not support when Forms and Windows authentications are enabled simultaneously.

Therefore, with 3.7.11 it’s recommended to use one of the following approaches:

  1. Windows authentication mode only. Suits the best to an intranet environment
  2. Forms + Anonymous authentications.
  3. If you need mixed authentication rules, then use Forms + Anonymous authentications on IIS level along a Single Sign-On set up for internal users. See more about SSO support in our guide.

On-Site customers who use a mixed authentication will be switched to a pure Windows Authentication with this update.

Should you have any questions or require any clarifications, feel free to contact our Support team.

Fixed Bugs

2 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.7.10: Visual Filters

Targetprocess 3 provides powerful DSL filters, which allow users to compose very sophisticated queries against their data. However, this flexibility increased the level of complexity to filter in the product and even advanced users needed some time to learn the filter language. To help users get started and make the filters easier to understand, we’re happy to introduce a new feature – Visual Filters.

Now it’s much faster and easier to create queries. When you enter the input field a dialog immediately appears with a list of possible filters for your data. This filter list has many of the fields you’d normally get from the auto-suggestion when manually typing ‘?’ into the input.

With the first release of this feature, you will be able to use the visual filters for the most common filters. It’s not meant to be a complete replacement of advanced queries.


Let’s say you want to see all the cards from the current release. Click in the filter box, and the new visual filters will display automatically.  Then click the grey “Any” text next to release and you will see a list of choices to filter releases by. Choose one, and it will be immediately added to the filter.

When you’re done building the query, just click the “Apply filter” button to filter the cards.

Fixed Bugs

2 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.7.9: Multiple Selection Custom Fields as Lanes

Multiple selection custom fields as lanes

Starting with v.3.7.9 you can now use a multiple selection custom field as a lane on a view.

When you drag and drop the card between columns, you will add another selection to the list of values that have been selected for this card.

As an example, I have a Board view of Requests grouped by a multi-select custom field called ‘Area’. When I drag the card from ‘No Value’ to ‘Import’ and then to ‘Help Desk’, this request will have the ‘Import’ and ‘Help Desk’ values selected.

You can also filter by the values of this custom field. For example, if I filter the cards by ‘?Area.contains(‘Import’), then I see the cards in the columns that have at least ‘Import’ selected.

req by area

Fixed Bugs

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