TargetConf2018 Guest Speaker: Alankar Trivedi

1 year ago

TargetConf2018 Guest Speaker: Alankar Trivedi

The first ever Targetprocess International Customers Summit is just a few weeks away. Remember, you can always find our full speaker list, schedule, hotel recommendations, and other important details at our event page.

See you in Berlin!

Alankar Trivedi, Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Development Service Manager
Company: Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Session Title: Expanding the borders of Targetprocess: Non-IT setups for any team

Alankar will be presenting a few unique use cases for using Targetprocess for non-IT purposes. These processes and setups could prove useful for any organizations or teams looking to unify information on meetings, collective efforts, or customer support. You can expect to see:

  • Processes for recording and updating meeting minutes
  • A setup for sprint retrospectives
  • Business cases for desktop support


Alankar spent 4 years as Head of Development at Comensura, where he was responsible for all development teams and technology-related processes and workflows. Comensura has been using Targetprocess for nearly a decade (for both IT and non-IT purposes) to help manage the supply of people in large organizations across public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Five months ago, he assumed his new position of Development Service Manager at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers—one of the fastest growing professional engineering organizations in the world.

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