TargetConf2018 Guest Speaker: Jürgen Müller

1 year ago

TargetConf2018 Guest Speaker: Jürgen Müller

The first ever Targetprocess International Customers Summit is fast approaching. We hope you can join us in Berlin on May 16-18 to share your story, learn from other users, and speak with us in person.

In addition to the workshops and presentations from our own team, we'll also be hosting a number of guest speakers who will present their unique business cases and experiences with Targetprocess. We'll share the full details on these talks as they come in, but you can always find our full speaker list, schedule, hotel recommendations, and other details at our event page.

See you in Berlin!

Jürgen Müller, Swiss Healthcare Performance Group

 Founder and Managing Partner 
 Swiss Healthcare Performance Group
Session title: Digital Transformation in Healthcare  Inselspital Switzerland

Enacting digital transformation at healthcare institutions is a big challenge—not just for the IT department, but for the entire company. Both the health system as a whole and the health of each individual must benefit from the digitization of processes. In such a transformation, IT teams will generally need to:

  • capture customer requests
  • prioritize and visualize their status
  • order them to running projects and prioritize across projects, based on company strategy
  • ensure that everything can be planned based on available team resources
  • make use of different methods such as Scrum or PRINCE2 for the implementation of requests
  • control the entire process, from demand to delivery

Inselspital (the University Hospital of Bern) took on this challenge over a year ago, choosing Targetprocess to help back up their transformation. Jürgen Müller consulted with hospital management and helped the organization to undergo the necessary process and tool changes, ensuring that every step drove medical innovation and improved the resulting patient care.

Jürgen will tell the story of this transformation, and describe how every company can continuously improve the processes and tools that align, plan, and visualize work.


Jürgen Müller has over 20 years of experience in program, project, and portfolio management though his previous employment as CIO and (Interim)-Manager for several healthcare providers and university hospitals in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. He started his professional career as a management consultant with Accenture in 1996.

As a founder and acting partner of the Swiss Healthcare Performance Group, Jürgen is now responsible for coaching C-Level and management representatives through the development and implementation of new (IT) strategies, as well as portfolio, program, and innovation management.

Together with the largest university hospital in Switzerland, he developed a new approach for using Targetprocess as an agile portfolio and project management tool to guide customers through their journeys of digital transformation.

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