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8 years ago

TargetProcess 2.20.14 Released with 32 fixes

Brief summary of this article:

As a result of Clean Up Day #2 we are releasing v.2.20.14 with 32 fixes and improvements

Features and Improvements

- It should be possible to change state on Time Sheet
Features and Improvements

- Timesheet: Place task name in 'Add/Edit Time' form
Features and Improvements. Image 2

- Old entity binders replaced with new ExtJS control. Fix tasks lookup in US edit
- Upgrade CKEditor to v.3.4.2
- Inactive users are still available in few cases
- Printable view: Add "Close window" button

Fixed Bugs

#31997 ApplicationContext.Current.ProjectContext.ProjectIds contains all projects instead of available only
#31998 Application context error should be reformatted
#32130 Whoops in lists after deleting custom field if it was selected in applied saved filter (Custom field "CustomField3" not configured)
#30007 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: on release planning page
#28935 Required CF of TP entity type de facto is not mandatory. Any required CF in Request is not mandatory field.
#31148 Changing task state when viewing multiple projects in the Kanban Board does not work
#31237 Update specification: Time Sheet Show Info
#26443 [Comment.Description]: The field Description should not be empty.
#17715 Wrong release date is displayed in the list of requests related entities.
#24293 USs lists don't show Release column in the case Iteration practice is disabled
#28482 Edit Person: [Save and Add New] opens previous contact details.
#28777 Feedback should not be sent if body of the mail is empty.
#30333 Kanban Board: pop-up title is incorrect
#22723 Time Sheet labels a Feature as a User Story
#27847 Sorting ToDo by rank: descending order instead of ascending
#8598 Search in Project handles special chars incorrectly
#30948 Missing project in context in particular case.
#16711 Custom Fields: Missing Characters on view entity page
#18261 [Kanban Board] Backlog filter does not support terms
#30817 States list doesn't appear for particular Impediment
#32087 Comments on the state change are supported in Task Board and Kanban Board
#32098 Do not display 'Select all' if there is no project available
#31401 Small typo in Impediment edit page
#30781 Bugs by severity report: Text duplicating in tooltips
#28262 Project context project names looks unsymmetrical when project abbrs. have diff. length
#15511 Time chart is incorrectly displayed under Google Chrome

On-Demand servers will be upgraded till the weekend.

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