TargetProcess 2.20.3 Released | Targetprocess - Visual management software

9 years ago

TargetProcess 2.20.3 Released

#28765 Help replaced with on-line version
#25023 Tools section with available add-ins added

Fixed Bugs
#29777 Exception on export selected rows in lists
#29768 FCK editor doesn't work in IE7
#29763 Iteration Burn Down chart in 'show completed stories only' mode doesn't work as expected
#29590 Sort states in alphabetical order in State drop down list on Add/Edit User Story/Bug page
#29572 Wrong set of predefined reports is generated in some cases
#28811 Release Burn Down Chart doesn't show current Release/Iteration after project is changed
#28343 NRE on time tracking page
#29795 Time Statistics component shows wrong time summary when "-All Projects-" selected

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