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13 years ago

TargetProcess 2.4 Released – Scrum, Reporting and Productivity!

Today we've released new version of TargetProcess. This release was SCRUM oriented and many things for better scrum support were added like customizable terminology, Task Board and impediments management. Now TargetProcess fits greatly for SCRUM dev. process and if you use SCRUM you should take a look at it.

The other goal was better reporting. Now you may generate various reports for several projects using simple UI.

As usual, this release contains many usability and productivity improvements. For example, you may select current iteration or release in drop downs with one click, finish iteration with two clicks and split user story with easy.

TargetProcess is available as On-Site or On-Demand version ($25 per user per month). We are receiving more and more very positive feedback from customers. So go ahead and try TP, you will be satisfied 🙂

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