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12 years ago

TargetProcess 2.5 Released, Custom Views Feature , Future Plans

Well, the post is late for a month, but there was vacations, support. etc. so no time for blogging. As you know, v.2.5 includes Help Desk module with email integration and user portal features.

We are always eating own dog food, so if you are a TargetProcess user you may now post requests via Help Desk Portal at

Next release will be dedicated to small improvements. TargetProcess becomes more and more evolved application, we've added many modules and nice features during latest several releases. It is time to stop and polish things. We have many requests for small additions and UI improvements. In fact these things are often not "sales-features" and from new sales perspectives we'd better create new module or integration with Fitnesse for example, but these little things annoy existing customers and make they life less unclouded.

The only major feature that we want to include into next release is Custom Views. Custom View is a list of entities configured by user. It will be possible to configure the following parameters may be configured:

  • Query (for example, State = Open, Added Date > 12-Jan-2007, Assigned = me)
  • Columns
  • Default sorting
  • Calculable Columns (for example, see number of bugs in user stories list)

User will configure and save view for global use or for private use only. This feature will bring huge benefits for all TargetProcess users. It will be possible to configure entities lists with almost no restrictions to see data from the best angle. For example, it will be possible to create "Iteration Quality" list to see all user stories in iteration with related quality info:

  • Query (Iteration = Current)
  • Columns (User Story Name, Status)
  • Default sorting (Name Ascending)
  • Calculable Columns (Open Bugs, Total Bugs, Run Test Cases)

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