Targetprocess 3.0.1 Released | Targetprocess - Visual management software

Brief summary of this article:

This release has important bug fixes and several improvements.

Minor Improvements

  • Plain text email notifications
  • Custom fields for Team Iterations added
  • Full user names in comments
  • Cumulative Flow chart: filter by Release added

Bugs Fixed

  • Dates inconsistency in the new look, if server runs in a different time zone
  • Object reference exception on running test cases that are not attached to a user story
  • Subversion plugin: 'view diff' and mapping of deleted users fixed
  • Inner list views corrected for screens with 1280x800 resolution
  • Short link does not work if a user is not in a project team
  • User is not able to delete relation if 'delete' permission is not granted to his role
  • Multi selection does not work on Windows 8 (Chrome and Firefox)