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6 years ago

Targetprocess 3.0.10 Released: updates in Lists, Timelines, Customize Cards and more

On-Demand customers will be upgraded this week. On-Site release will be available for download a bit later.

We are busy making  Targetprocess 3 better and easier to use, step-by-step. This release includes several new enhancements and bug fixes.

Lists: Customize Columns

We've made it possible to customize columns in Lists, in the same fashion as with cards. If you want to set columns in Lists based on personal preferences, go to Customize Cards, select List, and choose which columns to display, just as you'd do when customizing cards.

Customize Columns in Lists

Filters in Relations tab

We can now filter out the entities and relations by type (User Stories, Bugs, etc.) The filter will only work  if an entity has >2 relations. That's how we filter entities by type:

Filters in Relations tab... and relations by type:

Targetprocess 3.0.10 Released: updates in Lists, Timelines, Customize Cards and more. Image 3

Burndown chart: forecast with custom velocity

Burndown charts normally use the auto-calculated velocity (see more here). Sometimes, however, there might be a need to apply a custom velocity, just any, to see how the forecast  line will burn down with it. That's why we've added this option to the burndown chart.

Burndown chart: forecast with custom velocity

"Responsible is Me" DSL filter improved

We've fine-tuned this filter: instead of the default role, now it uses a project role or a team role.

For example, a user story belongs both to TP3 project and to Alaska team.  Its state is In Testing  at the moment.  QA is the role responsible for this state. If the user who is currently logged in has a QA role  either in TP3 project, or in Alaska team , then this story will be displayed on the board if Responsible is Me filter is applied, and if no one else with the QA role is assigned to this story.

Multi-teams: view Iterations and People in other Teams

This screen will help explain this improvement better:

Multi-teams: view Iterations and People in other Teams

Previously, Project Members from Team 2 (assigned both to Team 2 and Project) were not able to see Team Iterations and People from the other teams.  Now, as a Project Member a user will see the members from all the Teams assigned to Project and all their Team Iterations.

Customize Cards: more units added

Little by little, we're adding more options for customizing cards. Here's the ones that we've added this time:

  • Lead & Cycle Time for Task
  • Started/finished for Project
  • Planned dates for Impediment
  • Feature for Task and Bug


We're releasing several improvements in Timelines.

Horizontal scroll navigator

Now you can navigate through a selected time period with the horizontal scroll, focusing on the highlighted area as needed.
Horizontal scroll navigator
The navigator includes a color-coded mini-projection of cards, and this helps to keep an eye on the big picture, even when you're focusing on a smaller time period. The navigator doesn't support comet (instant updates) so far, and if you want to make sure that the latest changes are there, use Refresh button on the bottom right.

Sort cards or lanes by Planned Start or Planned End

Now you can sort cards, swimlanes and columns by planned start and planned end dates in Timelines. Find these options in the sorting menu.

Build card available in Timelines

Builds can now appear as cards in Timelines.

"Planned in past" option

This option is available as a checkbox in Timeline settings screen. If checked, the timeline will display Planned Start/Planned End dates for Done cards.

Planned in Past setting

Fixed Bugs and Minor Improvements

  • "Add new project" not working in project selector if board templates haven't been loaded
  • Progress indicator for "Copy" action added
  • Non-admin users cannot change project roles in v.3
  • 'Allow everybody to see TP3' button is shown to v3 only new users
  • Add multiple relations: selection lost on scrolling
  • 'Audit History' tab renamed to 'History'
  • Relations Tab: Outbound Relations look-up screen messed in views
  • Autosave closes custom field rich text editor in views
  • Filter samples lost in Relations axes
  • Relations tab: Done entities marked with gray

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