Targetprocess 3.0.11 Released: Relations as Lanes, Quick Add and Entities Count in Lists, improvements in Relations | Targetprocess - Visual management software
6 years ago

Targetprocess 3.0.11 Released: Relations as Lanes, Quick Add and Entities Count in Lists, improvements in Relations

This is a minor release with still more improvements.

Relations on Boards

Previously one could keep track of Relations only in entity details and in the Relations Network Diagram. Now it's possible to visualize Relations as lanes on a Board. This is very helpful if someone needs to manage relations between many entities and spot new dependencies right as they appear. Check the Relations on Boards article in the help guide for more info.

Relations on Boards

Lists: Quick Add and Entities Count

Our List mode is getting more and more comfortable to work with. Now each level of hierarchy has its own entity counter and Quick Add button. One can see how many sub-items this list includes without expanding it, and create new entities with one click at any level of hierarchy.

List Quick Add and Counters

Relations tab improvements:

  • Relations can be be filtered by Team now. If you want to see  Relations assigned to any given team only, select this team in the filter.
  • If a user has no rights to see some relations, a prompt with the count of those relations that can't be accessed is shown. This way people can get an idea of the total count of blockers, or dependencies, or relations.
Relations tab improvements:

Unlink Test Case from Test Plan (drag-n-drop on board)

Now  Test Case can be unlinked from Test Plan or copied from one plan to another with one move. Just drag any Test Case to 'No Test Plan' column on board to unlink it, or to any other Test Plan to make a copy.

Unlinking Test Case from Test Plan

Improved performance

We keep working to make Targetprocess run faster. In this release the number of AxesCount queries were reduced, and due to that the overall performance has improved.

Customize Cards: Completed Effort

The 'Completed Effort' unit is available now for  Team Iteration, Iteration and Release entities. So, there's no need to open an entity to track the effort.

Fixed Bugs

  •  Broken style of 'Show more' after refresh or zoom level change
  • A new team/or project added from the top menu should appear in the current context immediately
  • Context menu: "Change assignment and effort" bubble position fixed
  • Error message not shown if user enters a new custom field value while server is not available
  • Card name disappears if the card is renamed, or if its zoom level is changed from the context menu
  • Added Inbound|Outbound Relations fields for Iteration to the DSL filters

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