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7 years ago

Targetprocess 3.0.2 Released: Better Lists and Cards Customization

This update includes some essential improvements to Targetprocess 3.0 features, and bug fixes.

An entity will retain its rank when converted

This one keeps prioritization unretarded. Previously, if one had to convert an entity to another one (e.g. user story to a task, or a task to a bug), the rank would have been lost. Now entities will keep their rank regardless of conversions.

Relations Network chart: Release, Iteration, Team Iteration, and Build as cards

With this update, one can track Releases, Iterations, Team Iterations and Builds as related to the other work items (entities). Sometimes there can be such a relation, e.g. when a release depends on one blocking bug, or when an iteration is almost finished, and only one user story holds it. Those new cards in the Relations Network chart help identify such "lagging" work items faster. Check the screen.

v.3 Customize Cards: a shortlisted selection of matches in the units library

Start typing a name of some unit, and matching names will appear in the list. This helps to pick units faster (no need to scroll and search).

v.3 Customize Cards: custom fields as units

Custom fields are now available as an option for customizing the look of cards. If a custom field is critical, someone would definitely want to have it displayed on cards as on a board (not only in the detailed view).

v.3 List: inline edit for states and assigned users

States and assigned users can be updated in the lists now. Check the screen. This removes the need to switch to the board view, or to the detailed view, if one prefers to work with the lists.

Targetprocess Image

Bugs Fixed

  • Finish Iteration by Split: effort of the initial story resets to 0 if the story is in points and has tasks
  • Cannot delete a release if some sprints have been moved to another release
  • .css for NewUserAccountInfo.aspx fixed
  • v.3: in IE: entity fails to open in a pop-up from a board
  • v.3: in IE: selecting cards on a board is extremely slow
  • v.3: a duplicate tooltip for the 'Remove context' button removed
  • v.3: performance for pages scroll and resize improved
  • v.3: the duplicate 'View' link removed from the success action message
  • v.3: in IE: .SVG replaced with .PNG
  • v.3: Board template names are not displayed properly
  • v.3: the 'Undelete board' message has to be shown as a user selects another board

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