Targetprocess 3.0.3 Released: Add & Open for Quick Add and Inline Edit for Tags | Targetprocess - Enterprise Agility Solution
7 years ago

Targetprocess 3.0.3 Released: Add & Open for Quick Add and Inline Edit for Tags

This release includes two minor improvements and some bug fixes.

v.3 Quick add: 'Add & Open' button added

The new Add&Open feature gets you right to the entity view, with no extra clicking required.

v.3 Lists: inline edit for tags

The inline edit feature is now available for tags in Lists.

Targetprocess Image

Bugs Fixed

  • Git plugin wouldn't bind some commits
  • The Teams context from tp3 is saved and this causes search not to work correctly in tp2
  • Bugzilla plugin cannot connect to a Linux Bugzilla server
  • Help Desk Portal: 'Remember me' now works the same as in Targetprocess site
  • Custom Reports: exception in reports with a custom field that has been removed or renamed later
  • Custom Reports: exception with filtering by Date custom field
  • Search can't find numeric entry in Template URL custom field
  • NHibernate exceptions if time added from the entity view
  • Avatars in the inner lists are aligned now
  • Comments timestamp is incorrect if client and server have different time zones
  • Hyphenation in entity names is corrected
  • v.3 Prioritization: JS error if a card gets updated during batch prioritization and it's not in the slice
  • v.3 Prioritization: only the first card from a batch moves to the new position
  • v.3 Prioritization: card is moved to an incorrect random location when re-prioritized
  • v.3 Board custom sharing: the Project and Team filter is ignored
  • v.3 Customize Cards: combined unit for custom fields with the same name but different capitalization
  • v.3: User should be auto-scrolled to a newly added board
  • v.3: Glitches with the Test Run icon if it's added as a related entity to the Impediment card or selected in a custom field
  • v.3: Glitches with the tooltips for templates deletion and lanes swapping
  • v.3: Entity pop-up is closed if I update a Team or a Project that is not in the current context
  • v.3: Improved performance for the boards with date lanes (End Date, Start Date or Create Date)
  • v.3: Incorrect priority calculation after moving a card

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