Targetprocess 3.0.5 Released: v.3 Timelines (beta), Process Admins and v.3 Board Co-Owners | Targetprocess - Enterprise Agility Solution
7 years ago

Targetprocess 3.0.5 Released: v.3 Timelines (beta), Process Admins and v.3 Board Co-Owners

All the OnDemand customers are already using this latest 3.0.5 version. OnSite customers will be able to download it later this week.

v.3 Timelines in beta — that's the flagship novelty of this release. It also includes a couple other smaller features, some improvements and bug fixes. Note that a feature, fix or improvement marked with the "v.3" prefix is available in Targetprocess 3 only.

v.3 Timelines

Visualizing work in a timeline comes handy when one wants to get a high-level overview of the work and progress over time. In the beta version of  Targetprocess 3 Timelines, one can visualize epics, user stories, tasks, bugs the way they currently are. Same for projects, releases and iterations. Editing capabilities will be available in the future releases. That's how a timeline looks in Targetprocess 3:

What else one can do with Timelines in Targetprocess 3? Read more.

Process Admins

This feature is supposed to reduce the workload for Targetprocess Admins. Any Targetprocess user can be made a Process Admin by the Targetprocess Admin. A Process Admin can change the process(-es) they're assigned to, and view settings in the other processes. Process Admins can also clone processes and tweak them as needed.

Targetprocess 3.0.5 Released: v.3 Timelines (beta), Process Admins and v.3 Board Co-Owners. Image 3

v.3 Board Co-Owners

Now a board can have several co-owners, or "many owners". Any board co-owner has the same privileges as the original board owner. Co-owners can change the board settings, and add/remove other co-owners.The only restriction is: a board owner can't remove herself or the very last owner.Targetprocess admins can also add/remove the board co-owners.

v.3 The copy-to-project action in the new views and in the context menu

This good old Targetprocess v.2 action is now available in Targetprocess v.3:

v.3 Improvements

  • Lane filters will auto-apply to a quick-added lane
  • Customize Cards: no board refresh when changing zoom levels (<150 cards on the board)
  • Customize Cards: the planned dates unit added for assignable entities
  • Customize Cards: the burndown button added
  • Customize Cards: 5ive rows available for the 'name' unit in M-sized cards
  • Customize Cards: units fit into available space in single lines
  • Customize Cards: the unit for bugs and stories sparklines added to the Project and Team cards

Bugs Fixed

  • A new transaction is not allowed because there are other threads running in the session
  • Messy abbreviations for such roles as Assignee
  • Unstable system behavior after the 3.0.3 release
  • Unable to delete the Multiple Entities custom fields
  • Eclipse Mylyn connector fails to sync updates to Targetprocess
  • An issue with Bugzilla connection: could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel
  • Filtering by custom fields doesn't work in the Targetprocess v.2 lists
  • Large entities dropping out from search index
  • Improved Test Run performance
  • Timeout increased from 5 to 30 seconds for requests posted fromTargetprocess HelpDesk
  • The Embedded pages mashup breaks when renamed
  • Bad URL's for embedded images in the Requests that originate from Targetprocess HelpDesk emails
  • v.3 Database deadlocks: a new user story wouldn't get added within 10 minutes
  • v.3 Sorting for lanes with Date
  • v.3 The Visual Encoding tab removed from the board setup bar
  • v.3 Cards blink when moved or prioritized
  • v.3 A performance issue with the axes counters
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