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5 years ago

Targetprocess 3.0.9 Released: Audit History tab, updated Lists and Timelines

All on-demand accounts will be updated this week. The updated installer for on-site accounts will be available quite soon as well.

Audit history

Audit history is now back as a tab in Targetprocess 3. Planned dates are now shown in the Audit History tab as well, so all the changes to an entity can be tracked fast and easily in one tab.

Audit history

Relations tab redesign

Relations tab now has revamped looks, to match the new Targetprocess 3 style. We've also added the mini-graph that shows the count of Inbound and Outbound relations.

Relations Tab new design

Now you can add new entities right in the relations tab and find existing entities more easily.

Planned Work on Timeline

Now both planned and actual work is shown in the Timeline view. The actual work timeline has solid background and solid borders. The transparent planned time layer is drawn over the actual timeline layer. The planned time layer is marked with dotted lines. This way we can compare the actual progress vs. expected progress in one look, and there's no need to open detailed views for entities.

Planned work on Timeline

'Responsible is Me' filter

This new DSL filter shows only the entities that a user is assigned to if their current state matches the user's role.

Example: As a tester I'm responsible for entities in 'Coded'state, so 'Responsible Is Me' filter will return the entities in 'Coded' state assigned to me and entities in 'Coded' state that are NOT assigned to anyone else.  

How is this filter helpful? It can be used to create a personal ToDo dashboard (much the same as in Targetprocess v.2)
This filter only works for "me". It won't work if you write something like "?Responsible is OtherGuy".

'Responsible is Me' DSL Filter

Hierarchical lists (still in beta)

List view has become much more convenient with a new hierarchical system and adjustable column width. Now the lists have a 3-level hierarchy, the 1st and the 2nd level correspond to the vertical and horizontal board lanes, the 3rd one represents cards.

Hierarchical lists (still in beta)

Column width can be adjusted by dragging its border.

Old plugins removed

Since some of the old plugins were replaced by new plugins 2 years ago and have been used scarcely, we removed them to reduce unnecessary RAM usage. These plugins have been removed from the installation package but they still remain in the source code, and can be restored should someone need them:

  • Bug Pain Calculator
  • Bugzilla Integration / new plugin exists
  • Team Foundation Server Integration / new plugin exists
  • Bind Email/Request To Project / new plugin exists
  • Selenium / new plugin exists
  • Subversion / new plugin exists

Internet Explorer 11 support

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is now officially supported in Targetprocess. All the old and new features will function correctly with it from now on.

Fixed Bugs

  • Cards from Past, Today and Future hidden if Dates axis is selected
  • Plugin configurations reset to default if installer fails during the upgrade (on-site)
  • Chrome v.32: drag-n-drop does not work on Task Board after scrolling
  • Burn down chart gaps removed
  • JS error is thrown when opening a card after prioritizing
  • More space for the top filter
  • Mashup manager fails to get Mashup library if Cygwin is installed on server

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