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6 years ago

Targetprocess 3.2.4 Released: Print Cards and Easy Setup for Effort Lanes in Estimation Board View

This release includes some cool features:

Print Cards option available from Board Views

Now you can print all the cards from a Board View. If you need cards from a particular row or column, you can focus on the View and print only those cards.

Targetprocess Image

You can even print several cards that have been selected from various Board Views from the clipboard :

Targetprocess Image

Set values for Effort column in Estimation Board View

Starting from v.3.2.4 you can set your own values for the Effort lanes instead of a fixed sequence of Fibonacci numbers. Just type the effort values into the cards filter like that:

Targetprocess Image

Timelines: Nice drag and drop from backlog

You can move cards  from backlog to timeline with one seamless action when doing a roadmap for projects or features. It took two moves previously.

Other Improvements

  • Attention: we removed the old v.2 detail views! If you really miss something from Targetprocess v.2 Detail Views, please, let us know.
  • Date tooltip shown when a card is moved from Backlog to Timeline.
  • History for Team Iteration added. Find History tab in Team Iteration details view.

Fixed Bugs

#79961    Odd behavior of custom fields in Team Iteration
#68212    Team Iteration icon not shown in Targetprocess v.2
#72037    An error when Date custom field is updated due to Targetprocess culture settings
#81714    Script error happens when quick adding smth. from a List View created from a template
#81674    List View: top filter works incorrectly for Bug and Story cards if Feature card is their parent
#80888    "All Practices" removed from processes

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