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5 years ago

Targetprocess 3.2.6: QA Improvements

This release includes several improvements that make the life of QA people easier. These are just a few first steps in what is supposed to be a major betterment of QA area in Targetprocess, and still more features, such as Test Steps, will be released soon.

Test Plans are Assignable

Test Plans have states and can be assigned to users now. This simplifies creating Test Plans. For example, you can break down all testing into several Test Plans, assign them to testers and track Test Plans creation progress. Testers will write Test Cases and move Test Plan from "Open" to "In Progress" and then to "Done" states.

Test Plans are Assignable

New Test Runner

Targetprocess 3 has a brand new Test Runner. You can create Test Runs and execute Test Cases easily.

New Test Runner

Test Cases inside Test Plan

Test Cases list inside Test Plan is re-designed. Now you can create and edit Test Cases faster.

Test Cases inside Test Plan

Fixed Bugs

  • Print view: hide blank sections
  • Detail view in v2 not working in IE8
  • Moving cards in timeline is extremely slow in IE

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