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5 years ago

Targetprocess 3.2.7: Custom Terms

Custom Terms and Redesigned Terms Editor in Targetprocess v.3:

Targetprocess 3 is very customizable for all things project management, and we hope you had a chance to try the tool's innovative features. On the other hand, some handy legacy features of Targetprocess 2 have been missing, and we are working to make them available in Targetprocess 3. Custom Terms is one such feature. Now you can customize  terms for your development process the way you want, and you can do that in the improved terms editor UI.   Custom terms can be used for the following Targetprocess 3  entities:

  • Release
  • Iteration
  • Team Iteration
  • Feature
  • User Story
  • Bug
  • Build
  • Impediment

To configure your Terms, go to Processes in System Settings. As an example, you can type in 'Epic' instead of  'Feature' (the plural form  will be auto-prompted but you can always change it, if something is wrong). Note that all the changes can be reverted by clicking 'Reset to default' button.

Custom Terms and Redesigned Terms Editor in Targetprocess v.3:

Custom Terms make their appearance throughout Targetprocess 3:

  • Search will be fulfilled respecting your Custom Terms
  • DSL filters have Custom Terms in the hints

Targetprocess 3.2.7: Custom Terms. Image 2

  • Customize cards: the units will have your Custom Terms
  • List View supports Custom Terms in column headers/tooltips and in Quick Add
  • Export and Charts both support Custom Terms, so the reports will have custom names for entities, too.

You can find more information about Custom Terms for Targetprocess 3 in the user guide.

Bugs Fixed

  • Quick Add performance improved
  • Test Plan Runs should only be estimated in hours
  • Allow to quick add a team iteration as a custom field value
  • User cannot access attachment description in New look
  • Attachment preview: cross in behind the screen
  • "Reload button" mashup fixed
  • Focus on email/password field on the login page

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