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6 years ago

Targetprocess 3.3.0: Left Menu Re-design

This release has some major improvements, and the most cool is:

New Left Menu

We completely re-designed left menu based on your feedback and pain points. Now you can create public, shared and private Groups, organize Views in a more structured way and setup unified menu for the whole company. You can find Views and Groups in a snap, add Views into Favorites section and hide redundant Views and Groups easily.

Targetprocess Image

Let's briefly review major changes.


Create Public, Team-shared or Private Groups and combine Views. For example, you can create public QA Group and put all QA-related Views into this Group. Or you can create Roadmaps Group and put all related Views there. Also you can create private Groups and organize your personal Views:

Targetprocess Image

Quick Search

Start typing Group or View name in a search field and all Groups/Views will be filtered according to the letters you entered:

Targetprocess Image

Context menu

Right click on any View or Group or left click on three dots sign next to it and see a context menu with available actions. You can open Setup mode, Rename View or Group, Change Access settings, Hide Views and Groups.

Targetprocess Image


You can hide any View or Group by choosing 'Hide' option in context menu. Quite often you really don't care about some public Groups and don't want to see them. You can easily modify visibility for every Group and View. For example, here I don't want to see iOS team progress, so I hide this Group:

Targetprocess Image

Quick Re-Order

In previous version of the Left Menu there was a special mode to re-order Views. Now you can do that right away. Just drag View and move it into required place. Each user can prioritize Views as he likes, it won't affect other users.


Most likely you have several Views that you use every day. Now you can easily add these Views into Favorites section and always have them on top.

Read complete Guide about Left Menu functionality. We really appreciate your feedback about this new major improvement!

Sign in from web site

It is not so easy to remember exact URL for your OnDemand account, so now you can log in to your OnDemand site right from the web site. Just open page and enter your email and password:

Targetprocess Image

Group Projects by Programs in Top Menu

We are working on a better Programs support in Targetprocess. In this release Projects in Top Menu are grouped by Programs:

Targetprocess Image

Improved State columns merge

In previous versions it was not possible to put Planned state after UX state, for example. Quite often it is required to have some preliminary states before Planned. Now we have fixed this problem.

New merge algorithm works this way:

  • Open, Planned and Done states will be merged regardless their names. In other words, states that are marked as Initial, Planned or Final from one flow will be merged with the states which are marked the same in the other flow.
  • States that were placed before Planned state should not appear after it.
  • States with the same Names will be merged.

For example we have two flows:

  1. Open - UX - Planned - In Dev - Done
  2. Open - Dev Ready - In Dev - Review - Done

As a result, we'll have a board with the following columns:

Open - UX - (Planned, Dev Ready) - In Dev - Review - Done

QA Area improvements

Add Bug from Test Case Run View

No need to switch Views if you found a defect during test execution, Create Bug button is now available next to the Test Case Run status. Just click it and add as many Bugs as you need.

Insert Test Steps using hot keys

If you need to insert a Test Step somewhere in the middle or in the beginning of the case, you don't necessarily have to add it in the end and then drag it to the place you want. New Test Step can be also added using hot keys. Select any Test Step and hit:

  • 'Ctrl' ('Cmd') + 'Enter' - to add a Step after the current one
  • 'Ctrl' ('Cmd') + 'Shift' +  'Enter' - to add a Step before the current one
  • 'Ctrl' ('Cmd') + 'Del' - to delete a Test Step

Time tab redesign

Time tab is re-designed on all views. You can add Time records, modify Spent/Remaining time and delete time records faster now:

Fixed Bugs

  • Refresh button: when clicking the refresh view button, the view loads forever and flask does not disappear
  • Request is not created when an email is sent to undisclosed recipients
  • CKEditor bugs when the item is opened by direct link (Share link)
  • SSL issue with JIRA connector
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